Shoe Throwers of the World Unite!

Shoe Throwers of the World Unite!
Claire Z & Dan F
QSLS Politics

CNN reports that an Iraqi man threw a shoe at Bush during press conference in Baghdad. What the mainstream media conceal, however, is that the incident is not an isolated case. It's the first officially confirmed activity of a rising movement. Shoe throwers all over the world are preparing for their moment of fame. Unconfirmed sources say that Bush was just the first on a list of celebrity targets. Female politicians will not be spared the wrath of the Shoe Throwing underground, purpoted future victims are said to include Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and St├ęphane Dion.

From the basement of his mother's home, we interviewed an official representative of the shoe throwers.

I think that the impact of the phenomenon for society should not be underestimated. CNN, in a helpless attempt to intimidate the delinquents, ridicules the Iraqi shoe thrower. I warn you, being reportedly "better then yoga", the shoe throwing movement might develop from the underground incitement it is today to the next trend in leisure activities! This will not be the last time you hear about a shoe being thrown at a public figure.

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