Fredericton City Council on Homeless: Let them eat Cake.


Funding rejection by Fredericton council discouraging, says shelter director
Anonymous - The Canadian Press
December 18th, 2008

FREDERICTON — The executive director of Fredericton’s homeless shelters says he’s “deeply disappointed” that his request for municipal funding has been turned down.

Brian Duplessis had asked the municipality for a $60,000 grant for the city’s two shelters, but walked away empty-handed Wednesday from council’s 2009 budget meeting.

Duplessis says he’s discouraged by the decision.

He says council has failed to acknowledge that the “500 people we serve exist in the city.”

The city deems the shelters to be a provincial and federal responsibility.

Coun. Mike O’Brien, finance committee chairman, says councillors are anguished over turning down the request, but it’s a provincial mandate to fund social agencies.
City of Fredericton 2009 Budget Highlights
John White - City of Fredericton Communications

Following are the highlights of the City of Fredericton's 2009 Budget:

* The City general fund budget for 2009 is $88.7 million. The Water and Sewer utility budget for 2009 is $10.7 million.
* The budget will contain funds for major city construction projects including the start of a new conference centre, parking garage and office complex, which will rejuvenate the City's downtown core, and the Grant Harvey Centre on Knowledge Park Drive.
* Eight new City employees will be hired in 2009 to keep pace with the demands of a growing city and provide better services to Fredericton residents.
* The City will spend $85,000 to position itself as the centre for green technologies in New Brunswick.

* The City will begin to market its new conference centre scheduled to open in 2011 with a $150,000 campaign.
* Several parks in the City will receive major upgrades and the Wilmot Park tennis courts are going to get a $250,000 facelift.
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I wonder if the kleptocrats will really enjoy stepping on and around their homeless brothers on the way for a match in their upgraded tennis courts. Maybe one of the 8 new city employees will be assigned to dumping homeless people out in the woods when the shelter fills up?

Can't have the victims of debt-slavery out in the open - one of those precious conference center visitors might notice!

- Dan F.

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