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Ram Jethmalani, An Interesting Personality
By Prem Chand Sahajwala - Sulekha.com
June 6th, 2007

Ram Jethmalani is indeed an interesting personality of the Indian political, legal and social system. At the age of 83 also he can be youthful enough to talk about girl friends and be a confident lawyer is something that draws attention to him.

The earliest thing that I personally remember about him was his asking 10 questions every day from the then PM Rajiv Gandhi (1988) and his questions included his asking Rajiv why he deserved to get security at the rate of Rs. 1.5 crores per month for simply being the son of a prime minister at the time when his mother Indira Gandhi was the PM. And also that after resigning as a pilot of the airlines why he hadn’t yet surrendered his pilot license!

But his wits were noticeable when some one dared to ask him 10 questions out of which one was as to why Jethmalani had two wives. Jethmalani answered that he would like to abuse the questioner in unprintable language and also that the u don’t deserve to meet my wife since u don’t seem to be a decent person. He justified his having two wives by rightly informing the questioner that he had two wives when the law of the land permitted bigamy. Another question that he was asked was that in spite of being anti-Congress, why should he fight the cases of Congress leaders’ black money. Jethmalani being a professional lawyer answered in a witty way that what is the harm in emptying the pockets of some corrupt Congressmen!

As far as two wives’ question is concerned I remember another prominent person answering in a humorous way on the same matter. It was Baburao Patel, a Socialist party Member of Rajya Sabha at his times. Baburao Patel ran a fortnightly magazine Mother India at the time and that magazine had a long question box running into several pages. One of the readers asked him the same question – Why do you have two wives? And Baburao Patel answered in a typical Gujarati style (as per the answer printed in the magazine itself). He simply said – What is going of your father? Ram Jethmalani when asked by a person personally whether his first wife is happy despite his having a second wife. He answered – Yes my first wife is happier than your only wife.
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