Green-Shirts begin with Irving Raid

Well well well - I guess the strategy is to do some surface-level raids of Irving International before they start in on the unsuspecting public. What better way to create that fake veneer of genuiness. Even if this is somehow an honest act, it won't be long until the Bermudan crime syndicate regain the upper hand through crook or hook.

Then it'll be the citizens' and small business' turn to experience our brave new authoritarian war on waste and pollution. - Dan F.
Environment Canada agents raid N.B. pulp and paper mill
Anonymous - CBC News
November 20, 2008

Federal environment officials raided a New Brunswick pulp and paper facility this week on the hunt for documents related to the release of a harmful substance into the Saint John River last fall.

Up to three dozen agents with Environment Canada entered the Irving Pulp and Paper Limited mill Wednesday, said Mark Mosher, vice-president of the mill's parent company, J.D. Irving. Some of those agents were carrying weapons, he said.

"[They] show up at work and have 35 officers in flak jackets … some were armed … to basically take over the office complex," he said.

"They disallowed everyone from going to their place of employment, secured the office, our computers. It was intimidating, and we think it was a strong show of force for an accidental release."

In a written statement e-mailed to CBC News Thursday night, Environment Canada said the search warrants were executed at the Saint John facility and related company offices.

Agents from the Environmental Enforcement Division were in search of evidence regarding the alleged release on Oct. 31, 2007, of "green liquor," a bi-product of the pulp and paper process that is harmful to fish.
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