Bu$hites stage terror op in Fredericton NB

This is what happens when you put dead-eyed, Bu$hite control freaks in charge of New Braunschweig's justice system. They depend more on shock and awe bull$hit that honest police work & you can hardly keep up with their constant bumbling. If we did have terrorists or hardened criminals threatening Atlantica (beyond the kleptocrats own supporters), I'd hate to see how the Neo-Jackfucks are planning on handling it. - Dan F.WOMAN KIDNAPPED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT FROM THE STREETS IN FREDERICTON THIS AFTERNOON!!!
Charles Leblanc - Fredericton Blogger
Tues Nov 4th, 2008

Many citizens were caught off guard!!!!

I believe the media should cover this story

I was approached by this guy.

He looked scared!!! He said - My God??? Do I have a blog for you!!!!

He allowed me to do a youtube interview with him.

I'll write a detail blog on this issue later.

Listen to his story of the woman being kidnap an hour earlier.

Enjoy -
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