You're Own3d Sucka - KanAmerica Elections '08.

You're Own3d Sucka - KanAmerica Elections '08.
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Politics

Well, whatever happens this coming week the last must be remembered as Western Civilization's rapid return to an openly feudalistic and corrupt economy. Should the current fake currencies being printed and drawn on computer screens, along with the jigged, paid-for laws that created them stay in effect - we and our children will be owned; slaves of the New World Order, for as long as the Kleptocracy and their fascist puppets manage to maintain fiction as truth and dissent as treason.

Those who seek to maintain our system's brave new precepts, installed in secret and crafted in vanity, fear and greed, are the treasonous ones - not those who seek to cleanse the corrosive veneer which stains the twisted branches of our governments.

Regarding the government bailouts and injections of liquidity: this is just more public made-up money added to banks who carried out this engineered debt implosion, which we're now EXPECTED TO PAY INTEREST ON any time we want to borrow it (from ourselves?). This 'bailout' seems to be rivaling the original 9/11 event on Wall Street in its massive impact and zero coherent explication.

Here's a hint, people - the number of actual sub-prime loans lent, times the number of defaults (not even looking at the super-high interest rates) does not come close to equaling the amount of money bailing out these banks. There is other high-level tom-fuckery being covered up, similar to the destruction of Enron evidence in WTC7, insider-trading and shifty withdrawals from 'executives' who continue to make a killing on the downturn. Meanwhile, War remains the fastest growing sector of the economy.

If you want this return to totalitarianism, I suppose congratulations are in order. If not, then after you vote with your e-ballot, please keep voting with your actions. There's more than plenty of ways to skin a goat.

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