Neocon Backers cutting Brake Lines in Toronto

Vandals Cut Brake Lines Of Liberal Supporters In Toronto
October 5, 2008

Imagine yourself behind the wheel, pulling up to a stop sign and pumping the brakes, only to find that your car isn't stopping.

That's what happened to more than a dozen Liberal supporters in Toronto, voters who had their brake lines cut in what police think may have been a targeted assault.

"I could've been killed. Lots of other people could've been killed," one of the affected residents, Andrew Laine, said. "It was lucky my two children weren't in the car at the time. This is really serious."
The vandalism occurred in two ridings: Parkdale-High Park, where Gerard Kennedy is the Liberal candidate, and the midtown riding of St Paul's, where Carolyn Bennett is the incumbent. Cops allege only homes that had Liberal signs were attacked.

"These acts are deeply disturbing," Kennedy said in a statement. "We're asking residents to take extra precautions to ensure their personal safety and report to the local police any suspicious behaviour in the community.

Some cars had the letter "L" scratched into the paint.
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