Mad Mexican Mob makes Citizens arrest on Cops

Ah - the NAU 'security' net tightens. - Dan F.
New Massacre in Chiapas
enraged! -
Oct 3rd, 2008

The Mexican government is at it again. Police have killed 4 to 6 persons, 3 of them mafia execution-style. Another 20 persons sustained gunshot wounds.

Mexican Federal Preventive Police (PFP) and other units raided an occupied traditional Mayan religious temple turned tourist object on October 3rd, 2008. Reports indicate that 4 to 6 persons were killed and 20 persons sustained gunshot wounds. The village school was tear gassed. Enraged neighbors briefly captured 77 police officers using nothing but sticks and traditional machetes.

The most savage atrocity commited by police forces took place after the raid. A neighbor loaded 3 critically injured persons into his truck and made for the nearest hospital, only to be stopped by police along the way. The police then shot the injured persons execution-style and then executed the neighbor who was driving them to the hospital.

PLEASE protest this bloodthirsty police savagery! Call/visit the downtown Mexican consulate today!

Under hardliner President Felipe "FeCal" Calderon, Mexico passed PATRIOT act-style legislation quite truthfully named GESTAPO several months ago. Under the PATRIOT acts, etc., this kind of repression might soon be coming to a theater near you!
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