Buhites now confirm making war in Syria

Despite the Bushite Bimbo's refusal to comment, yes indeed - the Kleptocrats are at it again. How many more Corporo-fascist wars will be initiated before this year is over? Should we really hope to see fewer of these mindless actions under an Obama-Brzezinski administration? - Dan F.US: We did send deadly message to Syria
Anonymous - Press TV
October 27, 2008

The US military has confirmed that it had carried out a 'successful' operation against 'foreign fighters' in a Syrian border town.

"The operation was successful," AFP quoted an unnamed US military official on Monday.

US commandoes attacked the Syrian town of Al-Sukkariya near the Iraqi border on Sunday, killing at least eight people and wounding several others.

"Look when you've got an opportunity, an important one, you take it," the official said, adding that "That's what the American people would expect, particularly when it comes to foreign fighters going into Iraq, threatening our forces."

Syrian officials say all victims had been civilians, while the US claims they were the members of a network of foreign fighters.
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