NWO Commentary 14.10.08

'E'-lections Kanata/Kanada 2008
Dan Fitzgerald - QSLS Politics
October 14, 2008

Well, I don't know if we're going to see rioting this year in the NAU or not, but it seems strange how far the M$M deception by omission has gone. Hopefully the post-election letdown in either Upper or Lower NAU won't take away from all the Indy media and dissidence that has sprouted like moss on the decaying corpse of corporo-fascism.

Whether our new 'Red' or 'Blue' neo-Mussolini wannabe crooks let their evil plans slide back to something more palatable to the enfranchised, or go for the gold and really shake the money trees - we've got to get the reigns back in the hands of individuals with consciences.

Are there no men with courage among the crop to become newly elected?

Will old Taliban Jack be swayed to make a difference?

Who knows? Maybe only God, Karl Rove and a hundred 'e'-voting machines.

Have a Good Election Day, Canada - Hopefully it'll be Kanata, not Kanada this New Years.

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