Theft of Farmers Market continues in Fredericton

N.B. government wants to buy Fredericton farmers' market
But city should operate it

Anonymous, CBC New Brunswick
September 18, 2008

The province is negotiating to buy the landmark Fredericton farmers' market.

The non-profit organization York County Properties put W.W. Boyce Farmers’ Market up for sale in April, saying it wanted to focus on running a nursing home.

Acting Supply and Services Minister Jack Keir said New Brunswick wants to buy the market, but not run it.
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Fredericton finds its place
by "The Gremotraveller" -

This was the humble beginnings of a great little city where the local bounty of the fertile St. John River Valley would meet to share their harvest with the masses. The tradition of being a center for local food from the valley still lives today, over 200 years later. Fredericton's original market since 1951, The Boyce Market, is open every Saturday, 6 am to 1 pm with over 200 vendors and is named in honor of its main benefactor, William Walter Boyce. The Farmers' Market in Fredericton actually pre-dates the city's founding. In 1785, area residents petitioned the governor of the day to create a townsite a prerequisite for holding a market. The Boyce Market building was constructed in 1951. In June 2006, it was named one of the top eight Farmers' Markets to visit in Canada by Harrowsmith Magazine.
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