Max Keiser on the (failed) US economy

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David Raymond Amos said...

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From: David Amos
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 12:48 PM
Subject: RE Victor Boudreau and the CBC INFOAM Don't ya think The Minister should do a little homework before he tries to explain the US Treasury Dept?
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Here are few documents that Victor's lawyer T.J. Burke will have to argue someday or my name ain't "Just Dave"

BTW Rest assured I already blogged this email as usual in several spots that pretend thay are concerned about affairs of state within "THE Place to BE" However obviously I did bother to stress test Chucky Leblanc's journalistic integrity anymore EH? Everybody and his dog knows that that French man in particular has none N'est Pas Danny Boy?

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David Raymond Amos