Prince of Pot's picks for keeping the corporo-fascists out

Cannabis Culture Guide to October 14 Canada VOTES
Marc Scott Emery - The Prince Of Pot
September 24th, 2008
E3C1G9 Fredericton
Your candidate:
Keith Ashfield (Conservative Party of Canada)
Mary Lou Babineau (Green Party of Canada)
David Innes (Liberal Party of Canada)
Ben Kelly (Canadian Action Party)
Jesse Travis (New Democratic Party)

Andy Scott was the Liberal incumbent who is retiring. Its going to be a battle between the Liberal and the Conservative, the NDP is a distant third (although the NDP is resurgent in the Maritimes this election). The Greens are polling under 5% here and won’t be a factor.

I have an assignment for you, write the campaign office of David Innes at and ask what his position on cannabis prohibition is.

The Green candidate is charming and talented St. Thomas University professor Mary Lou Babineau, its too bad her excellent candidacy is wasted in this Liberal-Conservative battleground.
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