Iraq, Afghanistan, Ossetia - What War will the NWO lose Next?

War Nerd: Ossetia: All Over But the Whining
By Gary Brecher - The Exiled
Sept 9, 2008

It’s been tons of funs watching the dust settle over South Ossetia, watching everybody go crazy and do their best to avoid the fact that Putin kicked our proxy ass. If you’ve ever wondered how countries deal with military defeat, wonder no more, because you’ve just lived through it, and if you watched any tv, you saw loser propaganda in action 24/7.

It’s something you’ve almost got to admire (remember that “almost”), the way people put their hands on their ears and hum away the bad news. I can imagine Hitler down in the bunker in his last days: “Ah, vee are holding zee Russians off in zee alley two blocks vrom here! Vee have a full squad of twelve-year old veterans mit almost five bullets left, plenty of materiel! If zat alley holds out, perhabz an army of Aryan ghosts vill come to zee rezz-cue like in mein dream last night!”

It’s not quite that bad, OK, but it’s still a hoot to see grown men making up stories to make themselves feel better. My old public-library war porn mag, Aviation Week, ran a whole series of dumb-ass tech-geek stories about how the Georgian air defenses were “winning,” with headlines like “Georgia Burns Russian Air Force.”

What all that amounted to was that the Georgians shot down four Russian planes, three Su-25s and a recon bomber. Considering that Russia has about 250 Su-25s in service, and the sheer Hell the Russian CAS inflicted on Georgian armored units, that’s a very small price for the Russkies to pay. The only way Aviation Week could make it look like the Georgians had kicked ass was by comparing the Georgians’ performance with the Syrian air defense vs. Israel.
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McCain never saw a war he didn't like. He's still a POW to this day.