Global Warming: False Propaganda?

Videos 1 & 2: Alex Jones & Paul Watson on Global Warming Propaganda (Info about Chemtrails)
Video 3: Alex Jones on the False Paradigm
Video 4 & 5: Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes on Eugenics
Anchorage summer one of the coldest in decades
Anonymous - The Associated Press
July 24, 2008

ANCHORAGE -- It appears Anchorage residents might have a valid reason to complain about the weather.

If the current trend holds, Anchorage is on pace to produce the fewest days ever recorded in one year to hit 65 degrees or higher.

The record was set in 1970, when the temperature climbed over 65 degrees only 16 times.

But this year -- with summer more than half over -- the temperature has been 65 degrees or higher on only seven days.

And the near-term forecast is not warm and sunny.
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