Carleton Free Press Publisher on Irving Media Monopoly

In 2001 three newspapers existed in Carleton County…
Ken Langdon - Carleton Free Press
Sept 18, 2008

In 2001 three newspapers existed in Carleton County, employing 44 people and battling it out in a competitive marketplace for readership and advertising dollars.

By 2007 the Irving newspaper group had squeezed, then purchased and then consolidated these three publications, reducing the people employed from 44 to just 19. Many of the people wholost their jobs were your neighbors. Some of them had worked over 30 years at these newspapers. I should know, as Irving’s publisher I was the guy who was forced to do the dirty work.

In the fall of 2007 the monopolistic and mercenary business practices of the Irving company became too much. I didn’t like the bottom line, anti competitive direction the company had taken and I didn’t like the man that I was becoming…so I left. I left to start The Carleton FreePress and was joined shortly thereafter by six other employees from the Bugle-Observer.
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