Anti-Tax Psychology & High-Speed trains

What is the Anti-Tax Psychology Anyways?
by Alex Thurston - Media with Conscience - Sept. 20th, 2008
I think conservatives find it necessary to bash Europe on a regular basis, to talk about how goofy Europeans are and how nothing they do works, so that when somebody comes along and says:

“Hey, wait a minute. Why can’t we have high-speed trains between American cities like they do in Europe? You say ’socialized medicine’ is evil, but European voters would reject any politician who tried to dismantle government health care. Why can’t we have more of a social safety net?”

then conservatives can say, “But don’t you remember? Europeans are goofy, we told you. Don’t pay any attention to them.” And in parentheses: (Just keep demanding lower taxes. That way you give us cover to hand public money to big corporations while America burns.)

The other crazy thing about the anti-tax crowd is that if they don’t feel their money is being well-spent, how come they rarely complain about military spending? True, Ron Paul’s platform included the idea of bringing all troops home, but how realistic is that? The American empire isn’t going away with a wave of Ron Paul’s wand. It’s more realistic to talk about us getting rid of some nukes and battleships and aircraft carriers, or getting out of Iraq. It’s crazy, when you think about what Americans have swallowed in the last few years. We pay for war in Iraq to the tune of billions and cheer for it, but then somebody talks about spending a fraction of that money to give all Americans health care and they’re a dangerous lunatic who wants to “waste money.”

The anti-tax crowd is going to wake up too late, I think.
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