Uranium seeping into New Brunswick water via mine shafts

Uranium drill holes will be fixed: Minister
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Mary Moszynski - Times & Transcript
August 22nd, 2008

Moncton resident's well full of murky water after exploration holes left uncovered

FREDERICTON -- Natural Resources Minister Donald Arseneault is vowing that uncovered uranium drill holes in the Moncton area will be filled soon or the company will face consequences.

"If a company does not follow the rules or does it negligently, I will not tolerate that," he said.

Arseneault didn't set a firm timeline for ensuring the holes are filled, but said he has the authority to revoke the company's claims if it's not done soon.

Debbie Hudson, a Moncton resident who lives near the Gorge Road, has been drinking bottled water since a mining company began exploring for uranium near her home in February. Four drill holes were left uncovered, which is allowing surface water to seep into her well, she said.
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