Shock Troops long on Brawn short on Originality

Disclaimer: The bullet was rubber & the coverage indicates that the Israeli press is perhaps less complicit than our own.
Update - Israel might be ready to talk about this, but youtube seems to have other ideas:
Original Video - replacement:

Israeli soldier shoots bound Ashraf Abu-Rahma at point blank range
July 20, 2008

The incident occurred on July 7, while the village of Ni’lin was under full closure for four days. Palestinians, left-wing activists, and international peace activists held processions to Ni’lin from the direction of the nearby village of Dir Kadis in order to supply the residents with food. 27-year old Bil’in resident Ashraf Abu-Rahma was handcuffed when he was shot.

YNet’s article : IDF soldier documented firing towards bound Palestinian
Why do the unjust sadomasochists in our military always hand the dirty jobs off to the most junior men in their command? I suppose it's why the pedophile priests go for the most vulnerable child - they don't know how to say no.

Stand up to religious fascism, wherever it occurs. - Dan F.
Update: The (re)initiation of Operation Garden Plot in Detroit and Chicago indicates that fascist thugs are starting to ram up activities throughout the NAU territories.

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