Racist off-duty NS cops taunt, taser Digby man

Nova Scotia town rocked by racial controversy
Richard Dooley - Canwest News Service
July 07 2008

HALIFAX - Police are investigating an alleged racially charged brawl between off-duty officers and black youths in a Nova Scotia town where the RCMP was forced to apologize months ago for racist remarks made by a former detachment commander.

Senior major crimes investigators from RCMP headquarters in Halifax are looking into the incident, which allegedly happened early on June 21 in Digby, N.S., threatening to inflame old tensions over allegations of racist behaviour within the town's police detachment.

Nathaniel Fells, 19, and William Drummond, 20, claim they were leaving a bar after closing time when Fells noticed a group of men beside a large vehicle.

The van was filled with off-duty officers from out-of-town RCMP detachments, Halifax Regional Police and other Nova Scotia police forces who were in town for a charity golf tournament.

But Fells said he didn't know that.

He said when he and Drummond looked toward the van they heard someone yell a racial slur.

"I heard someone say 'What are you looking at, n......?' "
Drummond was shocked by a Taser at least once, Fells said, adding he stopped fighting when he was threatened with a Taser himself.
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Young men allege racism in fracas with off-duty N.S. police officers
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David Raymond Amos said...

Danny Boy

You do know the same RCMP/GRC dudes based in digby tased a man last year and it purp[ortedlu killed him?




I was very concerned that the bastards may pull that shit on me so I made certain that there were lots of witnesses present every time I spoke in my defence of my rights and freedoms under the Charter.

One honest shrink agreed with me as soon as we met (his name is Banic and he was from earsten europe)The cecent dude of a doctor told me that although I think way outside of the box I was defintely not crazy and had every right to vigorouly defend my freedom in an ethical fashion and deny the nasty dodctors of their self proclaimed right to inject me with drugs.

Just becuase corrupt Doctors beleived the false allegations of corrupt cops who were to chicken to charge me with any crime and sign their name to it so they sucked a corrupt doctor or two into doing so don't make it so.

The following day a male nurse made fun of me and i saw read and picked up the phone and called a buddy to bring some document into the loony bim for me. The chickenshit nurse had said to me that they did not doubt my sincerity but they doubted my credibility. So I served upon them the same doucument their Attorney General and the Public Complaints Agsainst the RCMP had answered years ago and they all went as white as a sheet and I was given a new doctor immediately.

That good doctor let me out of the lonney bin before the mandated 72 hour timee frame had expired and in return I shook his hand and secretly promised myself to never sue him like I will do to the other nasty bastards he works with.

Best regards and Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos