Depression Warnings Mount Anew

The Four Tough Questions to Ask Yourself in a Tough Market
By Keith Fitz-Gerald

For investors who are used to living large, this has been the year from hell.

The markets are tanking. Food costs 25% more than it did a year ago. Inflation is on the march for the first time in decades. The sky’s the limit on gasoline after oil prices have doubled in the year.

No doubt about it: As far as financial downturns go, this mess is the real deal.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to provide you with candid answers to four questions we’ve been asked time and again. And that’s not all. We used those questions to craft a three-step strategy that will give you the returns you seek, without forcing you to “bet the ranch.”

Q: How Bad Are Things Right Now?

A: Let’s not mince words, here - they’re bad. Our take is that this is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Folks should not be the least bit surprised by last week’s horrendous drop-off, nor should they be surprised to learn that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has endured its worst June since 1930.
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