Enough Semtex for 40-80 Lockerbies stolen in France

The Infadels - Love Like Semptex (Saint Pauli Remix)

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Missing Semtex 'left unguarded'
BBC - Jul 21, 2008

A depot in France from which a large quantity of powerful explosive went missing was poorly guarded, the regional head of security has said.

The storage of 28kg (61lb) of Semtex at the site near Lyon was "not usual and certainly not authorised", Xavier de Fuerst also told the AFP news agency.

A search by anti-terrorist officers is under way, and the manager of the site has been suspended pending an inquiry.
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People, if you need more evidence that the War on Terror is a fraud - just comb the news for stuff like this (the corporate media has to report some of it).

In a day of retinal scans for airline passengers, we've got the resurgent Vichy French providing materials for their NWO operatives.

More terror - a very convenient way to push down the Irish putsch threatening NWO-EU integration.

see also: Key Lockerbie Witness Admits Perjury

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