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Police attack on Bush Demonstration exposed: Message from British Antiwar Coaltion
Global Research, July 1, 2008

The Bush visit and its aftermath shows beyond any doubt Brown's government is as committed to Bush's War on Terror as the previous one. From time to time Gordon Brown has tentatively proposed a 'timetable for withdrawal' from Iraq. Each time a phone call from Washington or a cup of tea with Condoleezza Rise or George Bush has been enough to get him back in line and scurrying to the press to announce his commitment to 'finishing the job' in Iraq. More than 4,000 British troops remain near Basra, facing mortar rounds, supporting military operations against local people or on the Iranian border, and crucially giving political cover to the continuing US occupation and the US attempt to impose a political agreement that would guarantee its right to remain indefinitely, control the oil and direct the countries' future.

Meanwhile Britain remains the one European power that has responded enthusiastically to the drive to escalate in Afghanistan. The Brown government is doing everything it can to promote the idea that Afghanistan is a good war. Military parades are used to generate patriotic support for 'our boys'. Government ministers are wheeled out to claim that despite the evidence we are 'turning the corner' and 'making headway against the Taliban'. The little news that is allowed out from Afghanistan suggests the opposite. Daring Taliban raids into NATO held Kandahar, increased fighting round Peshwar and above all a steeply rising casualty rate tell a very different story.

All serious assessments show that far from being won Afghanistan has been devastated by this 'humanitarian' war and occupation. It is now 174 out of 178 on the UN's world development index. Life expectancy stands at 44 and it has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world (so much for liberating women!) No doubt this has something to do with the fact that health care is virtually non-existent for the majority of Afghans.
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