Black suited Nazis swarming in Moncton

Charles Leblanc
July 29th, 2008
Next thing I knew the area got surrounded by 10 bald guys dressed in black suit and three women in tow.

They came slowly and quietly from the dark.

I said to myself- OHHHHH SH@T!!!!! Now I have a pile of money and I'm surrounded by a group of Nazis!!!!

My ADHD minds was working extra overtime!!!

I soon found out these guys weren't the same Nazis I heard about from the 40s.

In those days? They would beat up the guy and quickly leave the scene but this definitely wasn't the case?

One guy with a smile told me - Relax, don't worry!!! Everything is ok!!! We just wish to chat with this guy.

One Nazis confronted the guy and let it known that he wasn't a blockhead!!!

He was a Nazis!!!!

I guess it's an dishonor to be called – A blockhead??

One old guy in his 60s walked right by in the middle of the debate like nothing was going on and nothing happen.

One Nazis took the guy sunglasses and tap tap tap crush them on the sidewalk.

Then he took a swing but miss the guy.

I'm surprised the two guys never ran. They just stood there and let it known if they wish to beat them up for standing against a group who goes against a certain group because of the color of their skin? Then so be it!!!
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