7/7 Mastermind & British Intelligence

7/7 Mastermind Allegedly Worked for British Intelligence
Kevin Fenton - 911blogger.com
July 20, 2008

Most of the new entries in the 9/11 Timeline this week are about the 7/7 London bombings, and in particular the alleged mastermind, Haroon Rashid Aswat. Aswat recruited militant fighters in London in the late 1990s, when his activities were known to British intelligence. He also attempted to set up terrorist training camps in the US, but the Justice Department blocked his indictment on these charges in 2002. He was falsely thought to have been killed in Afghanistan in 2003, monitored meeting the leaders of another British plot in 2004, and the British prevented the US from capturing him in South Africa in 2005.

He called the bombers shortly before the attacks, and the US may have monitored these calls. Some reports, apparently incorrect, said he had been arrested in Pakistan following the bombings, although he was actually captured in Zambia shortly after, at which point the British authorities showed a surprising lack of interest in him. A counterterrorism expert then said he had been a long-term British intelligence asset, and the British failed to charge him upon his return to Britain, although a British court approved his extradition to the US in 2006.

Other entries about the London bombings cover Mohammad Sidique Khan, the lead bomber, who worked with al-Qaeda leaders and received explosives training in Southeast Asia in 2001, when another of the bombers was reportedly monitored by the FBI on a visit to the US. Khan was allegedly stopped from entering the US in 2003, but there is some dispute over this, and he talked to a key alleged al-Qaeda operative shortly after. British intelligence monitored Khan and another of the bombers meeting with another al-Qaeda operative, and Khan again attended a militant training camp in Pakistan in the winter of 2004-5.

British intelligence investigated Khan again in early 2005, and an FBI informer urged the bureau to check him out. After the attacks, he was reported to have received explosives training from al-Qaeda, and his video will surfaced. Another of the bombers' video wills appeared on the first anniversary of the attacks, when it was reported that a mysterious wealthy Briton introduced the bombers to al-Qaeda.

Most of the new day of 9/11 entries focus on calls made by Tom Burnett from Flight 93 to his wife Deena, who immediately alerted the FBI to the situation on the plane. The FBI interviewed her in the early afternoon, but she soon disregarded their instruction not to talk to the media. United Airlines told her that they did not know whether Flight 93 had crashed at about 1:30 p.m., although they had publicly confirmed it had done so shortly before midday.

Otherwise on 9/11, Condoleezza Rice told President Bush not to return to Washington shortly before 10:00 a.m., and went to the White House bunker at about 9:45 a.m.. Fifteen minutes after Flight 175 crashed, United Airlines issued an advisory saying it was an accident, and American Airlines announced the loss of its two planes after 11:00 a.m..

Miscellaneous entries cover demands by Vice President Cheney that the 9/11 Commission report be altered shortly before publication and its subsequent watering down. Osama bin Laden sent a quarter of a million dollars to the US in the early 1990s, when the CIA was monitoring his banking operations, the CIA prevented Justice Department investigators from talking to Abu Zubaida in 2007, and Larry Silverstein wanted over billion in damages for the WTC in 2008. Finally, the FBI was told to curtail its 9/11 investigation in early October 2001, DNA tests indicated the hijackers could be Middle Eastern or possibly European in 2004, and Karl Rove hinted at using the "war of terrorism" as a partisan weapon in 2002.

While the war of terror marches on, the real front line perpetrators 911 and 7/7 have all but fallen from notice.

Despite the interweb's usefulness in getting the information out there, I doubt that interweb activities alone will be sufficient to raise enough awareness of reality to the point where any justice may be served.

Far too many people have become immune to criticism when it comes to their party's philosophy. Thereby, well meaning old ladies who love their land and neighbors spew hate about the patsies of a well crafted psy-ops. I refer, of course, to the events of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London.

These terror acts have been used to enable so much hatred that to revisit their true nature now is impossible for many, and I don't think it's wrong to blame all of them for that failure.

However, in letting the neo-twits (insert con, liberal, fascist - what have you) go, our global society is letting the crooks who obviously controlled who flew into their world 'trade' centers get away with mass murder. We've enslaved ourselves so easily - without proper investigation of the facts.

Like a camp full of Roma or political dissidents, there will always be a crowd of psychopaths and sycophants ready to do the evil deeds necessary to push forward what is an evil and inherently secretive agenda.

It is the media's role and responsibility to point out when the grift and graft become unbearable. Unfortunately, when all major actors are wrapped into webs of deception, so intertwined that it is impossible to separate fact from fiction - one worries that they have, in fact, won.

Therefore, as you pick up your ID tag and head in for a days worth of debtors gold, one might avoid asking oneself whether ones boss (or ones boss' boss) will be in at work the day one's own tower is pulled to the ground.

But to get stuck on that for too long is daft and ineffective; fear of fascism is more deadly than the beast itself. Truth will set us free. At the very least, shouldn't we stop betting our country on a load of propagandistic Bull$hit?

Demand truth now, don't be a slave.
- Dan F.

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