Summer '08 ignites truth revolution?

Be prepared for provocateurism, i.e.:
Hungry For Truth - Day 7 Braving temperatures reaching 104 degrees and denying himself food, one man's epic struggle to find the truth about 9/11 has resulted in a outpouring of support across the United States and around the world. Blair Gadsby has completed day 7 of his first ever Hunger Strike for 9/11 truth. In seven days Gadsby has been interviewed 6 times by the alternative media while being largely ignored by the MSM. No surprise there. On day seven a large rally was held to cheer Blair on as he enters week 2. Fifty plus people showed up at various times throughout the evening to give Blair their support. During a internet radio interview conducted by Cosmos of, Blair received a call from Sydney Australia. This proves that news of Blair's hunger strike is circling the globe and hopefully his efforts will inspire others to stand up and demand a new investigation. Blair also received well wishes and a personal email from David Ray Griffin who stated:

"Whether you will be successful with your main goal (to get a conversation with Senator John McCain) remains to be seen. But even if not, you will have succeeded in bringing public attention to the most important question of our time: whether the official account of 9/11 is false." -DRG
Video from Day 6


David Raymond Amos said...

Please allow me to be the first to say BULLSHIT Danny Boy.

You little Fake Left Dudes from Fat Fred City wouldn't know what truth was even if it kicked you in your nasty little arses.

You have your own agenda and it ain't got nothing to do with truth. It has to do with climbing ing on the gravy train with all the rest of the crybabies looking to make a fine living off of the taxpayers dime. Correct?

Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

Dan F. said...

See the question mark, Amos?

Pretty hard to get to the truth when even our whistle-blowers couch their words.

Who beside you does know?

David Raymond Amos said...

Werner, Byron, Leonard, John and most importantly the bullshiter in YOU.

Dan F said...

That wasn't a back-handed compliment was it?

God-damn it - don't get soft on us now, Amos.

Speaking of B$ - I wonder what the blogger General had to say here?