Another Kleptocrat from New Brunswick?

Jeez, I though Mulroney (1) and McKenna (2, 3) were bad enough.

Now I find out the man who destroyed the Canadian Auto Union from within (4) is also from our picturesque little province?

Who next of the famous New Brunswickers (5) will turn up shady in the end?

Surely Willie (6, 7) hasn't sold out.

Hargrove leaves strong impression on former premier Frank McKenna
Rob Linke - Canadaeast News Service (Irving)
June 11th, 2008

OTTAWA - Former premier Frank McKenna recalls the indelible impression Buzz Hargrove left on him many years ago when the two men sat down in an effort to settle a protracted labour dispute in Saint John.

"Strength," McKenna, also a former member of the board of directors of General Motors Canada, said recently. "What I admired about him was he was strong.

"I was dealing with a leader, somebody who could deliver."

Hargrove's career is winding down. The native of Bath, New Brunswick, will retire from the presidency of the Canadian Auto Workers union in August 2009. He has led the union since 1992.

Hargrove is to be paid tribute at a black-tie charity dinner in Toronto tonight that's expected to raise well over $1.5 million in support of an award-winning group, Eva's Initiatives, that helps homeless youth.
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He's created plenty of homeless youth through his subservience to big business. Do you think the largess will ease his conscience? After years of selling out his fellow man, how much of one can be left? - Dan F.

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