Summer 2008: We are Change vs. NWO

War on Afghanistan: Canada should be fighting the real terrorists
by Thahoketoteh of Kanekota, First Nations Columnist
Cité Libre

How many more children will have to die in Afghanistan before the Canadian people stop their involvement? These civilian casualties are reported by main stream media as footnotes to the "successes" of the "mission". The "War on Terror" was started as a result of the 911 attacks on the WTC, Pentagon and Shanksville. Canada immediately deployed it's military aid to fight the alleged terrorists that were responsible. But who really was responsible?

The Japanese Parliament has recently raised these questions in their public democratic format. At last, some politicians who really do want to get the real terrorists behind the murders committed in New York.

They raised the questions any police organization should, when investigating a horrendous crime. Like where is the wreckage of the plane that hit the Pentagon or that apparently crashed in a field in Shanksville. What about the molten metal found weeks later under the rubble? What about the eyewitness testimonies of the firemen in the towers reporting they heard multiple explosions, like a controlled demolition? What about building 7?

No doubt it was truly terrorists that committed these heinous acts but we should be fighting the real terrorists, no?
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Anonymous said...

Canada merely does as it's told, a puppet for an Anglo-Judeo military junta

1st Reich Roman Empire
2nd Reich The German Empire
3rd Reich Nazi Germany
4th Reich Anglo-Judeo Imperialist Fascism

9/11 opened the world's eyes to the truth, that the elite of the planet have used humans as pawns in a game of world domination.