Suicide Pilots attack Fredericton Tonight

The Suicide Pilots - Harper Youth

Wow - The Mecca of Leisure, Fredericton New Brunswick is really becoming a hotbed of radical politics and artistry. Tonight, the CSIS-monitored punk band Suicide Pilots (myspace) make a stop in Fredericton, along with HOLY CO$T and The Legacys at Vixen's Bar and Lounge (207 King St.) at 7PM. With Song titles like Harper Youth and Yuppie Scum, these fellas are spearheading the use of free speech against endemic corporatocracy and continued imperial warfare. - Dan F.
Punk band The Suicide Pilots catches eye of anti-terror cops
The Canadian Press - May 20, 2008
Punk band investigated by RCMP
Elizabeth Thompson, The Gazette
May 21, 2008

OTTAWA - Their music is abrasive, their lyrics sharply critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and their logo features a cartoon airplane about to fly into the Peace Tower.

But does the punk rock band Suicide Pilots constitute a threat to national security? That was the question Wednesday after one of the band's members made public documents obtained through the Privacy Act revealing that the Suicide Pilots had been the target of an RCMP and an Integrated National Security Enforcement Team investigation.

Yavar Hameed, lawyer for drummer Jeffrey Monaghan, said the decision to investigate a group of musicians raises serious questions about artistic expression in Canada.

"This is an artistic group; it's a punk band," Hameed said. "There is information in the context of the investigation which is really analyzing their song titles, analyzing the content of their lyrics, and that is quite troubling because it really suggests an attempt to scrutinize voices of criticism and dissent."

However, opposition critics say the police were justified in investigating the band given its name and logo, a reference to 9/11, and the sentiments expressed in some of the band's lyrics.

"When you have the name you have and the logo you have, which obviously (refers) to a very serious event, I don't fault the RCMP or any other security agencies for investigating whether there is anything to it," said Liberal public safety critic Ujjal Dosanjh.
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