Skater punks make waves in Fredericton

SKATEBOARDING IS (not) A CRIME in Fredericton?
Posted on May 15th, 2008
by Chaf - Fredericton Geek Speak

May 14, 2008 - Lee Breen was at the helm of controversy today around high noon in front of Fredericton’s City Hall. A rally was held to protest bylaw S-9 which states ” No person shall coast or slide on a slide, toboggan, wagon, skateboard or other device on a street in the city.”

Really?…we need a bylaw to ban skateboarding AND tobogganing in the streets of Fredericton?

He refused to pay a $50 ticket for skateboarding under Fredericton bylaw S-9 and after the charge was bumped up to $100 Lee still refused. Failure to pay these fines will result in a visit to the can for 5 days…so the obvious choice here was to take the 5 days in jail.

I arrived at City Hall around 12:30 and said hello to a few of my friends, took some pictures, and enjoyed watching the swarm of media personnel around Lee. His brother Fergus addressed the crowd of about 150 or so supporters and rallied a march up York, across King, and back down to deliver Lee to the Justice building. It was amazing to see the turnout taking over the streets which allowed some of us skateboarders to temporarily skate the streets during noon hour (while being escorted by 2 police cruisers). The Fredericton Police force did a great job in allowing us to express our right to dissent against this silly bylaw.

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