Sham taser inquiry can't hide manufacturer lies or police misfeasance

And the inept police taser incidents continue:
Police: We had no choice but to taser senior
May 07, 2008

Police say a knife-wielding 82-year-old Royal Inland Hospital patient was tasered over the weekend after he refused to put down his weapon.

“He did have a knife in his hand,” Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Scott Wilson said.

“He wouldn’t put the knife down.”

Wilson said Mounties received a call from hospital security early Saturday morning.

“The call came in at 5:45 in the morning,” he said. “The call was that there was an irrational elderly male with a knife.”

According to Wilson, officers were briefed by the security guard on duty before confronting the patient, whose name has been withheld.

“They discovered that he had a knife in his possession,” he said. “It had about a three-inch blade and he would not surrender the weapon.”

It’s not known whether the man was seen by officers as a threat to himself or to others.

Wilson said the man made comments that concerned the officers.

“He made comments to us that the guy in the next bed might be dead,” Wilson said, adding that, because the man had a knife, officers thought they could potentially be dealing with a murder.

“At the time, the way he [was talking], we didn’t know,” Wilson said.

The other patient was later found to be asleep and it’s not known why the man said he might be dead.
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