Sept. 11 '08: 911 truth goes to Ottawa

What the March on Ottawa is all about.
On 9/11/08, Canadians from all over the country will march to Ottawa to deliver a petition to our Parliament demanding a new Canadian investigation into 9/11

Here is why: Based on hard evidence, architects, engineers, foreign politicians, and academics from countless fields agree that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraudulent document. The official 9/11 story has given us illegal wars, torture, rape, murder, refugees, body parts hanging from trees in dusty lands, and a “war of terror” that is meant to go on indefinitely. Our tax dollars pay for these rebukes to the human spirit, so we are incited to act. The most pivotal event of modern times has united great spirits from around the globe into the 9/11 Truth Movement. Together we are making history. Please sign the petition. Then check this site for updated news about the March on Ottawa on 9/11/08.

Only the Truth can bring us Peace.
How to sign the petition? Simply download a copy here, make as many copies as you like, collect signatures, then mail them to our mailing address:
9/11 Parlimentary Petition
32 - 2902 Main St.
Vancouver BC
V5T 3G3

We will then take all the signed copies with us to Parliament on 9-11-8, and make sure your voice gets heard!!

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