Pushed to War: the Ultimate Deception

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Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11
by Prof. James Petras - Global Research
May 25, 2008

Wars in an imperialist democracy cannot simply be dictated by executive fiat, they require the consent of highly motivated masses who will make the human and material sacrifices. Imperialist leaders have to create a visible and highly charged emotional sense of injustice and righteousness to secure national cohesion and overcome the natural opposition to early death, destruction and disruption of civilian life and to the brutal regimentation that goes with submission to absolutist rule by the military.

The need to invent a cause is especially the case with imperialist countries because their national territory is not under threat. There is no visible occupation army oppressing the mass of the people in their everyday life. The ‘enemy’ does not disrupt everyday normal life – as forced conscription would and does. Under normal peaceful time, who would be willing to sacrifice their constitutional rights and their participation in civil society to subject themselves to martial rule that precludes the exercise of all their civil freedoms?

The task of imperial rulers is to fabricate a world in which the enemy to be attacked (an emerging imperial power like Japan) is portrayed as an ‘invader’ or an ‘aggressor’ in the case of revolutionary movements (Korean and Indo-Chinese communists) engaged in a civil war against an imperial client ruler or a ‘terrorist conspiracy’ linked to an anti-imperialist, anti-colonial Islamic movements and secular states. Imperialist-democracies in the past did not need to consult or secure mass support for their expansionist wars; they relied on volunteer armies, mercenaries and colonial subjects led and directed by colonial officers. Only with the confluence of imperialism, electoral politics and total war did the need arise to secure not only consent, but also enthusiasm, to facilitate mass recruitment and obligatory conscription.

Since all US imperial wars are fought ‘overseas’ – far from any immediate threats, attacks or invasions - -US imperial rulers have the special task of making the ‘causus bellicus’ immediate, ‘dramatic’ and self-righteously ‘defensive’.

To this end US Presidents have created circumstances, fabricated incidents and acted in complicity with their enemies, to incite the bellicose temperament of the masses in favor of war.
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David Raymond Amos said...

No need to make it complicated Danny Boy. If the lips of the smiling bastards are moving then they are lying. No need of a PhD to study it, everybody and his dog knows that simple fact. If you doubt my sincere opinion of all politicians why not do a brain scan on your lawyer pal connie Fogal sometime or at least study my Action Party file?


"Intentional deception (ie, lying) is a complex cognitive act, with important legal, moral, political, and economic implications. Prior studies have identified activation of discrete anterior frontal regions, such as the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC), dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (DMPFC), and anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) during deception. To extend these findings, we used novel real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to simulate a polygraph experience in order to evoke performance anxiety about generating lies, and sought to ascertain the neural correlates of deception."

Vertias Vincit
David Raymond Amos

Dan F said...

David Amos: Canadian Action Party

From: David Amos
To: Conniefogal@telus.net
CC: Mary-Sue Haliburton; ender@hegemon.ca; kpeck@canadianactionparty.ca
Subject: Joe Day Got the stuff

Ms. Fogal,
I demand to know the name of David Szemerda's lawyer who finds my material so funny. I have some more stuff to give him and you to laugh about. I also want to know whether or not CISBN(?) has picked up the stuff yet. I will forward to all of you the emails in which you are discussed with several authorities. By now David should have informed you that the last thing I am is a FED, but the FEDS are getting copies of these emails.
Reply From: David Szemerda
In my last reply, I asked that you clarify, directly to me, exactly what it is that you wanted from me. It appears that you are not capable of directly answering any of my queries without dragging me into some paranoiac battle you have against the world.
I have no idea who you are or anything about you, although FED would be much lower on the list than escaped mental patient.
Your presentation comes far short of indicating any degree of competency.
I have yet to read the junk you forward me, and very soon, I shall simply put a delete filter on my email to eliminate your email before I have to see them.
From David Amos
To: David Szemerda

It was your lawyer friend Connie that implied to Kevin Peck that I was a Fed and I was to be ignored.
I am who I say I am. No more no less. Ask Jack (?), I will prove it to your lawyer.

David Raymond Amos said...


What is with your bullshit anyway?

You ask to be my friend within SCRIBD but cut and paste edit my words within your blog to make yourself look good and me as some sort of nut?

You select only one portion of an email exchange where an arsehole attacks me but you do not publish where he apologizes and whines like the dumb kid he is?

Start the tale of the ACtion Party from the beginning Danny boy.

First things first as you know the bastards answered me while Paul hellyer was at the helm and before I cause the hearing in Congress in november of 2003

Then before the writ was dropped I consider running under Hellyer's banner or the Greens when the lawyer Connie Fogal and the greens folowed suit and had shown me their nasty arses in short order, I ran as a Independent and NEVER looked back in regret.

Here is one email exchange i saved rest assured that there are a gret deal more.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Amos
To: conniefogal@telus.net
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 2:32 PM
Subject: Re Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

For some reason I can receive his email but I can't respond Thus I am trying to send it to you to see if you have me blocked as well.

Hey Kevin
If I had taken advice from the likes of you I wouldn't gotten as far as I have. Who gives a shit if the books sells. All I care is that the story is told. Much to your chagrin you are in it and not portrayed in a good light. Please sue me if you hate the part you played. In fact I double dog dare ya.
----- Original Message -----
From: CAP Info
To: David Amos
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: [CAP] Why CAP and Canada Needs You

Dear David,

Advise: For your first book you should really work through a publisher. They will give good advise to help with the success of your book.

When your first book is published, we would love to receive a copy.

Kevin Peck

David Amos wrote:

Let me see if I understand you. After you ignore me for six months and I announce that I will be running against you as an independent because although you talk the talk you don't walk the walk, you now seen me an email whining about the fact that your party loses $1.75 for every person that votes for me and not your Party because too many people have lost faith in you and you do not have enough people running in your party name. Therefore you now want me to join you and yet you have yet to ask me the first question about my concerns. It appears to me by the gist of your letter that your only concern is about money and that kinda goes against everything Paul Hellyer has said in the past. So you can understand me. I will simply say that I don't give a damn about the money and nor should you after all that your Party has said over the years. I am running in order to speak my mind of the truth. I don't care how many folks vote for me just as long as the people I hold dear to me understand that I did my best, said my piece and spoke the truth on their behalf. May I suggest that the Action Party wait for my book. I will better explain my opinion of it in it. I will give you a signed copy for free I will giving it to the whole world for free byway of the internet anyway. I don't think an honest man should make a business out of telling the truth. Too many media types and newspapermen have proven to me that is no way to go. Many folks lose their ethics and forget their original task once money enters the picture.The Green Party wanted me to run for them if I ran a criminal records check on myself first. I laughed because I am the one trying to send most politicians to jail when I tried to give them the proof they ran away. Ask Anne McLellan and Ralph Nader if you don't believe me.

Better yet why not just read the text of one of my letters last month and then a couple of more sent out yesterday try to find the ones I sent out today.In closing I must say I do wish your Party luck in the next Election as long anyone that is elected is not an incumbent. Tis time for new blood or we will get the same old song and dance as they pick our pockets. Why don't you forget about the money and just speak your mind? Trust me, it is good for the soul but hell on the pocket book. Ask me wife. She shook her head when I told them to shove $32 million up their ass and refused to oppose a motions to remove a judgments of default. I want a jury to tell the truth before not a quick settlement to bury it with. Come Hell or High water I will get an audience and the last things you can call me is shy or a liar. Watch out that I don't embarrass your Party just for shits and giggles. It is one of those things nobody seems to appreciate about me. Ask my Mama or the politician she likes why that is. (Elsie E. Wayne MP for Saint John New Brunswick.) Ask Zed and the fella up the road that just switched sides why they are nervous about my homecoming.

April 1st, 2004

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. Vice Chairman
Federal Reserve Board
20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20551

RE; Corruption


Please find enclosed exact copies of all documents etc that I sent to Solicitor General Ted Olson. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. I have also included some other more recent letters and responses for your review. The most interesting to you should be my recent letter to Senator John Edwards and the responses from the Solicitor General of Canada and the Special Counsel.

As a well paid ($157,000) federal employee who happens to be a banker, a lawyer and a father of two children, you of all people should understand these documents and the reason I have contacted you. If you have any doubts about my SEC allegations maybe you should seek Annette L. Nazareth’s counsel. If she does not know who I am then maybe she should call Louis Randazzo, Francis Galvin or Elliot Spitzer or a host of others. You should be able trust your wife’s opinion as to whether or not to call Jeffery Bloch and blow the whistle yourself before the bell tolls on the time for every US Attorney in the country to provide me with an answer that I am satisfied with.

Trust that I will be filing a complaint against the USA before I run for Parliament in Canada and I will name you as a witness to my allegations. Quite frankly, I am certain that you are already well aware of my actions and me. I will wager that you know many people that I have encountered very personally. Check the roster of names within these documents and say hey to them for me will ya? Like most lawyers they are trying hard to ignore me but know many realize that the jig is up. All they can do now is sweat and pray that I ain’t as good a dancer. Whereas it is I that must pay the fiddler, I will pick the tune, the ground to tap on and the people to perform for.

The simple fact that you received your education as a lawyer while under the watch of my wife’s evil cousin Chucky Kickham speaks volumes to me. The fact that you are a member of the Board of Overseers of Harvard University proves to me that you are either very dumb or very evil. Whereas both you and your wife are bigtime Washington insiders I know for certain that you know more about the corruption within the Capital than I do. Rest assured that I will be asking you many questions in the future and will welcome any argument from you.

Cya’ll in CourtJ

David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton, MA. 02186

May 4, 2004

Attorney General M. Jane Brady
820 N. French St.
Carvel State Building
Wilmington, DE 19801
RE: Corruption


Please find enclosed an exact copy of all materials sent to Roger W. Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Louis Freeh, Ellen Richey, Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler, Michael S. Helfer, Derek Bok, Randall D. Young, Tom Finneran’s law firm, John Keker and Robert Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. Methinks that you should ask many bankers many questions ASAP.

I saw that you recently welcomed CNBC’s Business Center anchor, Ron Insana, as the keynote speaker at the Investor Education seminar in Wilmington. I doubt that you folks warned investors to be wary of bankers. The State of Delaware has such laws on the books that it promotes most bankers to funnel their credit card business through your State byway of such a company as MBNA Corporation. This company is watched over in legal matters by none other than Louis Freeh, the former Director of the FBI. He was the one who failed to catch my wife’s Uncle Willy Kickham, an ex FBI agent, laundering money from Merrill Lynch and other Bank trust accounts through an ATM and into other banks.

I have the evidence and have proven the facts many times to many state and federal agents and lawyers as well as the courts. Although Attorney General Elliot Spitzer remains diligent in prosecuting banks over lesser issues, he ignores my far greater concerns with the SEC and the Secret Service about Bank Fraud issues within the Brookline Bancorp.

I am the man from Massachusetts that Senator Shelby from Alabama mentioned last November who is calling everybody names and this is all about Public Trust. I am the reason that the SEC settled with Putnam Investments so quickly. It was to cover up much wrongful action by many employees and politicians at state and federal level to assist the crooked lawyer, Chucky Kickham, in his crimes against my Clan. If you doubt me, call Philip Koski or Louis Randazo of the SEC and ask them of my conversation with them. I wouldn’t bother with Louis Freeh everybody knows that they are grooming him to be the next Judge Webster, the old bastard snoozing in the chair of the DHS. I am just wondering who they will get to fill Michael E. Shaheen’s boots. If anyone were to ask me, I would have to say that H. Marshall Jarrett is as dumb as a post and ain’t got a prayer in following Shaheen’s tracks. Please study this stuff closely. I do not know if you have enough time to respond to me in writing before I name you as a witness to my sad complaint against the USA. This is no act. I must ask are you a Patriot or a Pawn in upholding the Public Trust?

Cya’ll in CourtJ

David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton, MA. 02186

May 3, 2004

Donald G Kempf, Jr.
Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway
New York, NY, 10036

Joan Guggenheimer
BANK ONE Card Services
1 Bank One Plaza
Chicago, IL 60670

Louis J. Freeh
1100 North King Street
Wilmington, DE 19884

William H McDavid
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
270 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10017

RE: Corruption

Sirs and Madam,

Please find enclosed an copy of all materials sent to Roger W. Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Ellen Richey, Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler, Michael S. Helfer, Derek Bok, Tom Finneran’s law firm, Mr. Mueller’s former partners, John Keker and Robert Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be properly investigated.

As you can see byway of the enclosed documents my wife and I have been trying diligently for years to make lawyers act ethically. As I told Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown last month, we have been paying all of our debits incurred by these necessary actions in good faith that justice would prevail. With the last of our credit with Bank One or anyone else I send this material to you. I must inform Joan Guggenheimer and William H McDavid that we can no longer make the minimum payments owed to your credit card companies until these matters are resolved. I do thank them for their faith in us to meet our obligations which we have always done to date. I ask that they act equally as ethically on our behalf. It is not our fault that we have fallen into arrears.

Perhaps Ms. Guggenheimer should ask Michael S. Helfer, the man who got her job at Citigroup why that is and see if he can explain to the AT&T dudes why we can no longer pay our AT&T credit card. Perhaps Donald G Kempf, Jr. should ask the AT&T dudes why a lady that has been dead for twenty five years can still trade on the stock market and not pay taxes. Last year she traded with Comcast and this year apparently she is trading with Cingular. I don’t know but perhaps Mr. Helfer already told Ms. Guggenheimer about the Kickhams but didn’t bother to tell anyone else. Everybody should ask Louis J. Freeh why the FBI failed to catch my wife’s Uncle William J. Kickham. Don’t you think it kinda strange how an alien layman can catch an ex FBI agent stealing large sums of money out of Merrill Lynch and several Banks, wash it through an ATM machine and then deposit in another bank? Then when I report the crimes to every law enforcement authority I can think of, I am ignored and harassed? When I sue, the matters are dismissed ex parte?

After I prove Tax Fraud etc. in court myself without speaking a word then start asking bankers some questions the Secret Service appears at my door and tries to take me to Cuba rather than investigate Bank Fraud? Many of my filings have disappeared from the public record. I am likely the most stricken man in recent history. All courts claim that I have no standing to speak of my own interests or even that of my own children and yet have appointed a GAL who helped to write the Probate manual to speak on behalf of my unborn children and bill us to conspire against us. To top it all off I introduce the fact to so many law enforcement officers and officers of the court that I have had in my possession for years many wiretap tapes only to be ignored some more. I figured someone would start acting ethically once that word got out but nay not so. Don’t tell me I am not offended and I dare you to call me a liar. What would you do if you were I? Something smells very rotten in the USA. Within the enclosed documents I very clearly tell all what I am about to do. I am going to sue the USA as the Resolution Unit suggests I do. I ask you to answer this letter within two weeks and answer this simple question. Do you or do you not stand with me in my allegations mentioned within the enclosed documents? If you ignore me I will sue you and your companies.

Mr. Freeh, please do not even try to pretend that you do not know who I am. I have contacted many people around you that you know very well and saved you for last. Everybody knows that you are being groomed by the politicians to be the next Judge Webster. I think one Judge Webster is all that the USA should have to suffer through. What say you? What side of the political fence are you on now? Say hey to the old man Webster, Michael E. Shaheen and Mr. Mueller for me will ya? They are all too chicken to answer my letters. However they must answer a summons. Do you wish for me to name you in the same complaint against them? As a lawyer now in private practice I don’t have to wait six months for an answer from you. You have about as long as Clark Kent Irwin does to seek Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Welcome to the circus. It is a small world after all. EH? This letter is already on the World Wide Web before the snail mail gets to you. I know some things I am willing to bet on. I wager that because of this letter Mr. McDavid and Ms. Guggenheimer are going to have a long talk about Citigroup before they answer this letter. Mr. Kempf may Discover some reservations trusting in Accenture’s consulting and review his company’s advice to Comcast Corporation. Feel free to impress me with a fine display of Ethical Professional Conduct as you try to think of some lawyer you can trust and think of some way to convince me that I should trust you. It would not be hard for you to embarrass Eliot Spitzer, Francis Galvin and the SEC. You know they have it coming and deserve to be properly shamed. I know not all Bankers are bad. My brother was a good fella.

Cya’ll in CourtJ

David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton, MA. 02186

May 3, 2004

Douglas G. Scrivner,
c/o William D. Green
100 William Street
Wellesley, MA 02481-9151

Ellen Richey
Providian Financial Corp
P.O. Box 192605
San Francisco, CA 94119

RE: Bad acting Bankers

Sir and Madam,

Please find enclosed an exact copy of all materials sent to Roger W. Ferguson Jr and letters sent to Brad Smith, Louis Freeh, Caroline M. Gilroy-Brown, George C. Caner Jr., John H. Huffstutler, Michael S. Helfer, Derek Bok, Tom Finneran’s law firm, John Keker and Robert Fiske. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon Ellen Richey in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. I cannot serve it upon William D. Green without violating the Fourth Amendment.

Lately we had been constantly plagued by many phone calls from India at all hours on the behalf of Accenture. My wife was a few days late in making payments last month on Providian’s credit cards. To avoid high service charges she does not write a cheque until the money is in the bank. After my viewing the fact that Steven Ballmer is a Director of the company harassing us, I wish to litigate and dispute our debt in front of a jury of our peers. If Mr. Balmer had acted ethically months ago, we would not owe a dime. As you can see we had forewarned many banks that this was about to happen because of their own malice towards us we had run out of money defending our interests. Thus far not one of them has contacted us in an attempt to refute my allegations.

I called William D. Green’s office for the second time last week in an effort to get Accenture to stop the harassment and have someone responsible call me. A fella by the name of Tim called me from Washington claiming that anything that I said to him would be referred to Mr. Scriver. I told him he had best talk to Steven A. Ballmer. Whereas he is also the CEO of Microsoft, he has at least two sets of ethical rules to obey. It should not be necessary for me to inform Accenture of anything that I had sent Brad Smith months ago. When Tim asked me who Brad Smith was, I shook my head and asked for a lawyer to call me. I knew he would have no idea who Roger W. Ferguson and Ms. Nazareth were. He was just some guy without a whole name who was sent fishing and to pick my brain for the big boys who consult banks on how to play the global game. I did tell him I understood the game. I know that Andersen went public in New York to get some money and yet base their operations in Bermuda to avoid taxation. I know that Accenture advises bankers how to avoid taxation and how to profit from the American public with higher service charges and higher interest rates byway of credit cards etc. and then employ poor folks in far away lands to collect the minute they stumble under the debit load. When I looked deeper into Accenture’s history, I saw that Mr. Scrivner had testified before Congress and had made the following statement. "The audit profession has been granted a unique franchise through the securities laws and auditors are entrusted to act as the "gatekeepers" for the securities markets." Now I want to meet him in court or Congress. Now you know why.

Need I say I was not surprised when I have not heard anything further from Accenture or their friends from the Far East? So I have sent this letter to the up and coming CEO of Accenture to further shake the tree. Lets just say that a wild colonial boy is at the gate and has a few questions for Mr. Scrivner and many other "gatekeepers".

Today Keith Gomes of Dallas TX ( 1 800- 280-944) called my wife at her work on the behalf of Providian. Now that really pissed us off. It seemed like an obvious effort to get around me after I had told someone from Providian that I had her Durable Power of Attorney and that she has her own lawyer anyway. I had requested that if Providian wished to discuss this, to have a lawyer contact me. I was tired of trying to talk to people that could either barely speak English or pretended to have no idea of what I was telling them. When either of your companies begins your threatened litigation against us, I will bring these documents and many more to court and demand a jury trial.

Thus far Providian has not offended me. I am in fact grateful that they extended me credit. However I do wonder about the company they keep. Although it was not proper for Providian to have attempted to involve my wife in matters that most lawyers pretend to not understand nor do I think it legal for Providian to bother my wife at work, I won’t hold it against them unless they do it again. I would like to know how they got her number at work and why they found it necessary to act in such a fashion. In my opinion Ellen Richey should ask the bill collectors to quite calling us for a bit and then ask Mr. Scrivner and several of Providian’s Directors many questions before she responds to this letter. Robert J Higgins formerly of FleetBoston Financial Corporation and F. Warren McFarlan of Harvard University should easily explain to Providian my concerns in Boston with the fraudulent actions of bankers. John L. Douglas of Alston & Bird LLP should know Joe D. Whitley and Bob Barr well enough to explain my concerns with DHS and the failure of the Secret Service to investigate Bank Fraud. If I do not receive a response to this letter within two weeks or if I do not agree with your standing in these matters, I will consider you and your companies to be litigants against me in federal court.

If Ellen Richey is wise, she will act ethically immediately to keep Providian out of this battle. Perhaps it may climb the ladder in the world of big bank mergers because of her professional conduct. I know it is the right move for a small bank but a hard decision for a lawyer to make. She must know the rules that allow her to practice law for a fee. I see no ethical dilemma whatsoever. I will leave her to decide her standing with the Kickhams and the Brookline Savings Bank or me. It did not make sense that the Feds would act so badly to protect one crooked law firm. When the Secret Service came to my door on April 1st of last year, I knew that they were sent to protect the interests of bankers not politician’s butts. One year later to the day I am prepared to prove it. Check my work and prepare to argue. Trust me, I ain’t bluffing and I don’t know how to back up. Ask the Kickhams.

Cya’ll in CourtJ

David R. Amos
153 Alvin Ave.
Milton, MA. 02186

Good Friday April 9th, 2004

Paul G. Pustorino
Grant Thornton
226 Causeway Street
Boston MA 02114-2155

Mike Emmert and Rhea Kemble Dignam
C/o Harrison E. Holbrook, III, Partner
Ernst & Young LLP
200 Clarendon Street
Boston MA 02116-5072

Dennis F. Walsh
99 High Street
Boston MA 02110

George C Caner Jr Secretary
Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
C/o Ropes & Gray
One International Place
Boston MA 02110

RE: Notice of my intent to file complaints against the above named individuals, their associates and their companies as per federal court rules.

Sirs and Madam,

Please find enclosed exactly the same documents that were sent to the Solicitor General Ted Olson. I have also enclosed many other documents that were sent to the IRS, SEC, FBI, DHS, the Federal Reserve Bank and many others a long time ago. These should prove to you that I am as serious as a heart attack. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served only upon George C. Caner Jr. as he is the only person amongst you who is an officer of the court. If Mike Emmert and Rhea Kemble Dignam want to have their own copies in order that it may be properly investigated, please have them notify me of their wishes before I sue them. However after they review the enclosed documents they can easily see that many others in New York are already well aware of the facts and evidence. Maybe they should confer with Mr. Spitzer’s office first.

I have no doubt that Ernst & Young LLP is well are of my actions because I have already crossed paths with some of their other clients both in the USA and Canada. Although KPMG LLP. is an association of many firms, the local outfit does claim the Brookline Savings Bank and Holy Cross College amongst their own clientele. Chucky Kickham and his cohorts hide their money in one place and try to buy modern day dispensation at the other. The fact that KPMG LLP as a whole is deeply in bed with such people as David J. Lesar, Chairman, President and CEO of Halliburton enough to organize events in Houston in order to have him preach at only proves to me that you are all crooks. Mr, Pustorino should never deny that we have talked. I saved his voicemail to me last February as well as proof that I Faxed him much evidence before I appeared at the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Brookline Savings Bank. I knew he had lost the Bank as a client. I made contact with him was because I was attempting to inform him and many others of my concerns and allegations after being ignored by Mr. Chapman.

I was not surprised that the Secret Service came to my door with the Milton Cops and tried to take me away to Cuba before I made that appearance. If you don’t believe me, call George Putnam or the Wall Street Journal dudes. I can prove I notified them all before going to the meeting as a shareholder to confront the Directors of the bank.

To me most of you folks are merely a few of many bean-counters in a town so full of beans that it is aptly nicknamed as such. My war of words is with bad acting lawyers, bankers, politicians and priests. Although you willingly audit such people’s work and swear that their word is true, I have no doubt that you know as well as I when someone is a liar. Check their work more closely after you have looked at mine and then decide with whom do you wish to stand. This is my fair warning of many impending lawsuits. I will settle with you for a very minor amount, if you act ethically and promise to tell the truth. I fully realize that with the exceptions of Mr. Pustorino and Mr. Caner that you may not be aware of my actions and have been keep in the dark by my adversaries. I have extended this offer to settle in good faith. Please don’t offend me further.

I have enclosed the work of the only honest man to pick up a pen in our matters. His name is Pope. He is no priest but he charged a just a pittance for honest ethical work in checking Aunt Elaine’s books. Compare his figures to that of the following year by an accountant for Chucky Kickham who had a brother that was a big-assed priest.

In light of all that has transpired in the past few years, I could only laugh as I read the following words I gleaned from the Annual Report:


Washington, DC 20549



BROOKLINE BANCORP, INC. For the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2003

The USA Patriot Act

In October 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act became effective. Title III of that Act represents a major expansion of the U.S. anti-money laundering laws granting broad new anti-money laundering powers to the Secretary of the Treasury and imposing a variety of new compliance obligations on banks and broker dealers. The Act also requires a bank’s regulator to specifically consider a bank’s past record of compliance with the bank Secrecy Act (anti-money laundering requirements) when acting on any applications filed by such bank.

Federal Taxation

General. The Company and the Bank are subject to federal income taxation in the same general manner as other corporations, with some exceptions discussed below. The following discussion of federal taxation is intended only to summarize certain pertinent federal income tax matters and is not a comprehensive description of the tax rules applicable to the Company or the Bank.

The Company and the Bank have not had their federal income tax returns audited by the Internal Revenue Service during the past five years.

Item 3. Legal Proceedings

The Company is not involved in any pending legal proceedings other than routine legal proceedings occurring in the ordinary course of business which, in the aggregate, involve amounts which are believed by management to be immaterial to the financial condition and results of operations of the Company.

Item 9. Changes In And Disagreements With Accountants On Accounting And Financial Disclosures

On January 17, 2003, the Registrant elected to change its outside accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP ("Grant Thornton"). The Registrant engaged KPMG LLP ("KPMG") as its new accounting firm. The decision to change accounting firms was recommended by the audit committee of the Board of Directors and approved by the Board of Directors.

Grant Thornton’s report on the consolidated financial statements of the Registrant for each of the two years in the period ended December 31, 2002 did not contain an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion and was not qualified or modified as to uncertainty, audit scope or accounting principles. During the two years ended December 31, 2002, the Registrant had no disagreement with Grant Thornton on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or auditing scope or procedure which disagreement, if not resolved to the satisfaction of Grant Thornton, would have caused it to make reference to the subject matter of the disagreements in connection with its report.

None of the reportable events described by Item 304(a)(1)(v) of Regulation S-K has occurred.

Grant Thornton has furnished the Registrant with a letter in response to Item 304(a) of Regulation S-K. Such letter is included in this report as Exhibit 16.1.

KPMG was engaged by the Registrant on January 17, 2003 to audit the consolidated financial statements of the Registrant as of and for the year ended December 31, 2003. During the two years ended December 31, 2002, the Registrant did not consult with KPMG regarding any of the matters set forth in Item 304(a)(2)(i) or (ii) of Regulation S-K."

Read the documents I have provided and you should laugh as well, Neither the courts, nor the bank, nor the IRS can explain Aunt Elaine’s bank account. However I saw red when the lawyer, Jan Whiting, acting as a court appointed fiduciary for us had charged us for his time to scheme against our interests with lawyers of the Sovereign Bank and the Coldwell Bankers. That act gave me a very legitimate reason to drag my former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney into court. Many Canadians would agree that, that day has been a long time coming. The only one that may disagree is Belinda Stronach a client of Ernst & Young and very good buddy of Bill Clinton and Brian Mulroney.

Welcome to my Blood Feud. I must inform you that my blood is now boiling. The same bunch of crooked Yankee Carpetbaggers are now trying to have my little Clan thrown out of their home and into the streets of Beantown to assist the very same criminals in their actions against us. The crooks are going to get some hard lessons about the fury of a patient man. Have no fear for your person. It is your pocketbook and reputation that are in jeopardy. My War Will be Waged with the Word not the sword and byway of the World Wide Web. Look for your own names forever linked to mine. Win or lose I want this battle long remembered by many. Howard Dean taught me a thing or two about grassroots campaigns. It is small wonder to me why I must go home and run for Parliament. Truth and Justice is not part of the American Way in the USA and most Canadian politicians are playing their part of the Yankee’s evil scheme for New World Order. I am just one pigheaded Martimer that will not stand for it without registering my complaints. Perhaps someone from Ernst & Young should go to a racetrack down here and ask old Frank Stronach if he is willing to bet against me. He knows what kind of man I am. You make your own judgement of me. I have already done so of you. Need I say that thus far I am not impressed? Rest assured that Mr. Caner’s Trials and Tribulations are far from over. I plan to go the distance with him and every other lawyer or banker etc that crosses my path in the pursuit of justice for all.

Please study closely my wife’s latest filing in Plymouth Probate court that the clerks have refused to put into the docket and Judge Livingstone’s backdated court order. I will be sending you all a summons to federal court very soon if you don’t act honestly very quickly. It is for you to decide what should be said before the Brookline Savings Bank’s Annual Shareholders Meeting in a couple of days. I said my piece last year and they laughed at me. We shall see who laughs this year.

Please respond to me as soon as possible. I will tell you that May 28th, 2004 you will be way past too late to talk to me. After that, I argue with your lawyers. I am heading south shortly but I can be reached byway of cell phone # 617 240-6698. Give me a call and you soon will realize that I am not a bit like the sort of person that lawyers claim I am. Bear in mind that you can’t fool me though because I am too stupid to believe a lawyer or trust a banker or respect a priest. Also you should know I have no tolerance for anyone that calls me a liar. I don’t mind if you call me crazy but that insult just pisses me off and I get really quiet.

As your review these documents please ask your conscience what you would do if you were I. Then please inform me what you think is the golden rule. Is it do onto others as the pious priests preach? Or is it he with the gold makes the rules? What say you? I may already know your answer. Your silence will speak volumes in affirming it to me.

Cya’ll in CourtJ

David R. Amos
PO Box 2
South Acworth NH 03607

Certificate of Service

I, David A. Woodman, of South Acworth NH on April 13th, 2004 served the attached document etc. in hand to the offices of Paul G. Pustorino at 226 Causeway St. Boston MA 02114-2155, Dennis F. Walsh at 99 High Street, Boston MA 02110,Harrison E. Holbrook at 200 Clarendon St, Boston MA 02116-5072 and George C Caner Jr. at One International Place Boston MA 02110

David A. Woodman
PO Box 2
South Acworth NH 03607

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From: "CAP Info" info@canadianactionparty.ca
To: "Mail List" info@canadianactionparty.ca
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 3:45 PM
Subject: [CAP] Why CAP and Canada Needs You

Dear CAP Friends,

A message from Connie Fogal:

** Plea for Candidates for the Canadian Action Party.
**Canada's federal election will be launched very soon. The Canadian Action Party is a registered party on the political scene since 1997 fielding candidates in the past two elections, 1997, and 2002. We had 52 candidates in '97, and 70 in '00. We need 50 to retain our status as a registered party. Being a registered party is vital because it gives us benefits not available if we are not registered, like tax benefits for contributions, party name on ballot, T.V. time.

There are new election financing rules that give $1.75 per vote each year to the party per year. This means millions of dollars of funding support, but is obviously related to the votes cast. There can be no votes cast for CAP nor any money coming back to finance us if there is no candidate in the riding. The Greens are fielding candidates in all ridings precisely because of the financial advantage. They already benefit from the number of votes they received in the last election because they had over 2% of votes across the nation. CAP did not. The 2% threshold, now on challenge by small parties, is a requirement under the legislation. It is 5% for individual candidates. Under the leadership of the Greens, many small parties have joined a legal challenge to the 2% rule as unconstitutional.

In other words, every vote is valuable. No longer do voters have to worry that if they vote for a small party, their vote will not count just because that party does not win the election, or because the candidate does not win. Now, there is a concrete expression validating their vote-- $1.75 per year per vote for the party they voted for. This can translate into thousands and thousands of dollars for a party.

Why is CAP in this unfortunate position of insufficient candidates facing an imminent election??? The reason is because we put the interest of Canada first. Under the principled leadership of Paul Hellyer, the Canadian Action Party spent the last two years trying to bring together
> an alliance of all those people disaffected with and alienated from the mainstream parties who are disemboweling Canada. We firmly believed that the only sufficient electoral power to save Canada from its "americanizers" and "continentalists" (to use Mel Hurtig's words) was electoral unity of one force. We believed such a coalition could electrify the voters and propel sufficient new strength into a

"Canadian" Parliament.

In the best interest of Canada for Canadians and the world we sought
unity on sovereignty. The key issue was joint recognition that the globalization process imposing international agreements on us prevent us from controlling our destiny via made in Canada decisions over our financing, our environment, our energy resources, our industry, our trade and development, our work force, our social safety net (like medicare), our foreign policy, etc. We sought three points of unity: abrogation of NAFTA; use of the Bank of Canada as part of a
representation in electoral reform.

We negotiated and waited for response as long as possible delaying our own convention before the impending federal election, but to no avail regarding unity. In the process we had encouraged our people to go to the NDP, the Greens, the David Orchard Conservatives, etc., in efforts to promote unity. In the process, many of them have been picked up by those other parties to run as candidates, and to work. The overall result was that our own organizational work for ourselves was greatly jeopardized. Such are the vagaries of politics!

It was not my first choice to take on the role and responsibilities of Leader of the Canadian Action Party. My choice was to succeed in unity described aforesaid under the ultimate leadership of a new person of distinction.

I have always been a passionate defender of Canadian sovereignty and civil liberties. A major threat to Canadians now is the same threat facing the whole world. That is the environmental destruction of the globe arising out of the military destruction imposed by the United States on countries of its choice, including the permanent, deadly contamination of the soil, water, and air by the use of depleted uranium in its munitions. In the best interest of Canadians first, and in the best interest of all the world, it is essential that Canada remain a powerfully sovereign state opposed to Canadian integration with the United States. Canada needs to remain a peacekeeping model to the world. We need to be able to say "No" to all those initiatives of the United States that contravene and deny Canadian values, interests and rights.

We need to be able to say "No" to the U.S. militarization of space. We need a Parliament that refuses to impose liberty-stripping laws on Canadians in lock-step with the U.S. We need a Parliament that will preserve and protect the liberty and security of Canadians as is entrenched in our Constitution, not a Parliament that grants dictatorial liberty-stripping power to four or five federal Ministers of the Crown, as in Bill C-7 currently before the Senate.

The Canadian Action Party's convention in March 2004 unanimously endorsed the continuation of the party and fielding as many candidates as possible given our time constraints and set-back due to unity efforts as set out above. We believe it is imperative our voice remain as a strong contender on the campaign trail. We know we have been a primary voice to express the issues we see as crucial for Canada. We know our presence has influenced other parties to deal with our issues. We know if we are not on the scene, our issues will not get the airing that is necessary. We know that our issues are the issues of many Canadians because they have told us so. A big hurdle for many voters was their worry that a vote for a small party was a wasted vote. Now their vote does count. We know that many voters felt that without the Canadian Action Party, they would not have a political home.

Accordingly, I am appealing to you to put your country first by putting yourself on the line for about one and one-half (1-1/2) months and run as a candidate for CAP in this election.
To give you a sense of my political history and direction, here are some of the things I have done in the last ten years:

* Led the campaign against gambling expansion since 1994. Since 1998,
Fogal-Rankin spearheaded three lawsuits on behalf of Canadian citizens through the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee to protect our constitutional sovereignty. The MAI lawsuit attacked the power asserted by federal government officials and Ministers that commit Canadians to international agreements destroying citizen rights. The Nanoose Bay lawsuit attacked the expropriation of an environmentally sensitive waterway by the federal government to permit the U.S. to test their weapons. That lawsuit was stayed pending the pursuit by the province of their lawsuit on the issue. The third challenged the federal government's destruction of our civil liberties and rights to free speech and lawful assembly by the erection of a fence in Quebec City to keep protestors away from the Summit of the Americas. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to deal with issues raised in the MAI and Quebec lawsuits, but the issues remain alive.

* Promoted public education by bringing to Vancouver notable speakers including: Michel Chossudovsky, economist, University of Ottawa on
globalization of poverty, and the impacts of the IMF and the World Bank;
Guy Bertrand, Pawyer; and Max and Monique Nemni, editors of Cité Libre, on Quebec issues; Dr.Richard Wolfson on genetically modified foods;
Robert Goodman, Professor, University of Massachusetts, and Dr Earl Grinols, Economist, University of Chicago on the damage of gambling as a mechanism for running the economy; Paul Hellyer, Leader, Canadian Action Party, on globalization's effects on Canada; Michael Rowbotham, England, professor and researcher on the origins and effect of money and debt.

* Critiqued Canada's heavy-handed new laws implemented by our federal government under the guise of antiterrorism legislation since 9/11 and disseminated the information by e mail and website.

Please join us.

Contact Kevin Peck, organizer and communications director at 1 877 629 0841 or fax 1 416 535 6325 or info@canadianactionparty.ca or info@partiactioncanadienne.ca and
visit our website at www.canadianationparty.ca

Yours truly,

Connie Fogal, 604 872 2128 conniefogal@telus.net

Connie Fogal, Leader ,Canadian Action Party/ parti action Canadienne
Tel: (604)872 2128; fax: (604) 872-1504
E-MAIL conniefogal@telus.net
Head office : 99 Atlantic Ave, Suite 302, Toronto, Ont, M6K3J8, tel: 1 877 629 0841, e mail: info@canadianactionparty.ca
"The world is not, in fact, ruled by global corporations. It is ruled by the global financial system." David Korten
"The ability of a party to make a valuable contribution is not dependent upon its capacity to offer the electorate a genuine government option. Political parties... act as a vehicle for the participation of individual citizens in the political life of the country. ...Marginal or regional parties tend to raise issues not adopted by national parties. Political parties provide individual citizens with an opportunity to express an opinion on the policy and functioning of government. Each vote in support of a party increases the likelihood that its platform will be taken into account by those who implement policy, and votes for parties with fewer than 50 candidates are an integral component of a vital and dynamic democracy. " Figueroa v Canada (Attorney General) 2003 SCC 37
"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security"...Benjamin Franklin
"The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled" Supreme Court of Canada A.G. of Nova Scotia and A.G. of Canada, S.C.R. 1951 pp 32

David Raymond Amos said...

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Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 4:51 PM
Subject: Ignore these types Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

Kevin spend no more tome on these guys. THE flack we are getting form some places is good because it means we are bothering some people as being of some import and influence that they do not want


At 01:32 PM 5/6/2004 -0400, you wrote:

For some reason I can receive his email but I can't respond Thus I am trying to send it to you to see if you have me blocked as well.

Hey Kevin

If I had taken advice from the likes of you I wouldn't gotten as far as I have. Who gives a shit if the books sells. All I care is that the story is told. Much to your chagrin you are in it and not portrayed in a good light. Please sue me if you hate the part you played. In fact I double dog dare ya.

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From: David Amos
To: Connie Fogal
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Ignore these types Methinks you have a yo yo working for you.

Hey Connie

Now that's funny and just in time to insert into a letter going out to Lou Reigel and David Price as I speak up against the extradition of John Graham. I will enclose a copy of this email with that correspondence and forward the same stuff to you so you can prepare your argument against me. You just proved for me what I have been suspecting about your Party and many others. Whereas you, as lawyer and the leader of your party, have just insulted the type of fella that hates lawyers in an effort to further your own agenda against some people whom you deem to be of some import without regard of the Public Trust or me, it appears you wish to litigate. Rest assured I will accommodate you and stress test your ethics to the max. You can only ignore me until you receive a summons. I will name you as an individual and your Political Party as a whole in a complaint in a Federal Court in the USA. I don't know what lawyers swear to uphome when they are called to the bar, but down here the Yankees swear to delay or deny no man for lucre or malice. You just did both. Please never forget it was you who contacted me and sang your lament for my support byway of Spamming the Internet after you have chosen to ignore my concerns and allegations in order support my adversaries and promote your own interests. I only responded with the appropriate indignation. Now you insinuate that I am a FED and tell others to ignore me? Lawyer prepare to defend thyself. I will make you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and noting but the truth. You can ask for your god's help if you wish as I lead you straight to the hell of the witness stand where lawyers fear to tread.
Cya'll in Court:)

David R. Amos

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