NB Radon Residents cold on Uranium

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Radon Residents asking: Are we living in a toxic environment?
Megan O'Toole - Tellsuslies-Journal
May 22nd, 2008

HARVEY - As Mac Campbell's gaze pans across his breathtaking little slice of land on the shore of Lake George, a touch of trepidation shadows his face.

Mac Campbell points out across Lake George from his backyard dock to the rise in the land that marks the village of Harvey. Campbell and other area residents are concerned in light of the recent rediscovery of a forgotten 1981 study showing unsafe levels of radon and uranium in some homes and wells.

Despite the peaceful rhythm of kayaks and canoes jostling gently by the dock, the retired minister's mind is restless as he considers the implications of a forgotten 1981 study, just recently unburied.

He has good reason for concern. The report reveals unsafe levels of radon and uranium in some homes and wells in the village of Harvey, just across water from the community of Lake George. But the author's recommendations for testing and monitoring of the situation somehow fell through the cracks, only to resurface 27 years later.

"My concern is, am I living in a toxic environment?"

Campbell contemplates. "People don't take kindly to not being informed they live in a contaminated environment."
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