NB Libs try to cover up role in man frozen to death by power 'company'.

N.B. government won't answer questions about man's death
May 30, 2008
CBC News

The New Brunswick government is sticking with its refusal to discuss the case of Paul Emile Durrelle, who died in April after his power had been cut off for five weeks.

Energy Minister Jack Keir said Thursday he couldn't talk, citing privacy laws, despite having spoken publicly about the case a couple months ago.

At the time, Keir mentioned receiving a letter from the man's brother, Bertrand, in April. That letter outlined how the two brothers were living on social assistance and couldn't afford to pay their power bill.

But on Thursday, Keir and Premier Shawn Graham refused to confirm they also received an e-mail from Bertrand in January, a month before the brothers' power was cut, also stating that they couldn't pay their bill.

When asked to explain why he spoke about Bertrand's April letter, but not about the earlier email Bertrand said he sent, Keir would not elaborate.

"I'm not going to get into specifics today," he said.
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