Giraldo not covering up DC Madame Murder???

The Serendipitous 'Suicide' of the D.C. Madame
by Ed Encho -

You can add D.C. Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey to that long list of marvelously convenient mysterious deaths, ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ that have for so long been a fixture of the hijacked by fascists American political system. The dead giveaway on the importance of Palfrey and the threat that she represents is that ordinarily such an incident would be flogged to death 24/7 on the corporate media machine, given the sexual sleaze factor and the celebrity allure. Well, that insipid, blathering Nancy Grace spent about ten or fifteen minutes on it on Thursday and was then on to something involving actor Rob Lowe; I tuned in again last night and she was talking about some kidnapped or murdered pregnant teenager, you know, the same kind of local news that is whipped up and turned into a national crisis.

Palfrey was really big trouble for a lot of folks with serious clout. The cover story of her "suicide" is, in my opinion, just more of the same pablum that is always spoon-fed to the brainwashed masses. I live in the same county where Palfrey’s body was found. After being front page news in the major area newspaper on Friday, the next day’s follow-up story was very small, below the fold in the local and state section. It was not about Palfrey but was dismissive of so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ who found the ‘suicide’ to be as suspicious as I do. It has not been covered in depth by any of the major websites to my knowledge--you know, the same ones that gave us all of that coverage of the Natalee Holloway disappearance, Anna Nicole Smith’s O.D., the amazing adventures of Laci Peterson and the fetus and the great in-depth coverage of the sex offender or pederast of the week,

All this coverage was in lieu of let's say, the crimes of the Bushreich, the war, real economic news absent the numbers massaging to obfuscate and obscure the real picture and the accompanying dismantling of America by the Wall Street looters as the oligarchy locks in the gains and offshores the rest of the country.

In Palfrey's case, EVERY piece that I saw in the MSM accepted and sold at face value that this was a suicide. This, even though the woman's prostitution operation was connected to the Washington corporate establishment at the highest levels, and despite the fact that she had given interviews on radio programs that declared she was NOT going to commit suicide.
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