FTON Skater heading back to Jail?

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Skateboarding still a crime: cops to skater
CBC News
May 21, 2008

A skateboarder jailed last week for refusing to pay a fine for skateboarding on a Fredericton street has received another ticket.

Lee Breen, 25, spent a night in jail last week after he refused to pay a $100 fine for breaking a Fredericton bylaw that was designed to "prevent nuisances" and forbids skateboarding on the road.

Breen was released on Thursday and under house arrest until Saturday morning.

But when he skateboarded to work on Saturday night, he and three other skateboarders were pulled over by a police officer.

"They stopped another skateboarder and he recognized me, so my 'Sorry sir, I did not know about the law, sir' didn't work and he gave me a ticket," Breen told CBC News.

Breen said he also doesn't plan to pay this $50 fine and is willing to go to jail again for it.
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