Fton Blogger asks: What next for Mr. Breen?

Freddy Blogger asks: "What next for Lee Breen?"
He quickly got his answer: "Lee Breen given a ticket today by the Fredericton Police Forces???
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Protester skates his way to five days in jail
Don MacPherson - The Daily Gleaner
May 15th, 2008

A pro-skateboarding and environmental activist surrendered himself to sheriff's officers Wednesday afternoon for non-payment of a fine, but not before more than 100 supporters marched, skateboarded and cycled with him to the courthouse.

Lee Breen, 25, was recently found guilty of violating a city bylaw prohibiting skateboarding on city streets. He was fined $100 but declined to pay it.

A provincial court judge gave him until Wednesday to pay the fine, but he chose to do the five days of jail time in default of payment.

Before he did so, he and others organized a rally in front of city hall in protest of the nuisance bylaw and Breen's jail term.
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Dan F said...

Tell them that leaving 911, Iraq, Torture and the wars on everything run rampant, our societies are ethically unable to administer anything honestly called justice.

Arrest the PPPirates, corporate plunderers and fiat debt-slavers.

Post-911 justice, we can talk about fines for skateboarders again.