Former Bushist wakes up from 911?

The crazy thing: he still believes in Bu$hist righteousness.
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McClellan's Damning Portrait of the President and His Team
By Kenneth T. Walsh
Posted May 30, 2008

White House press secretaries are usually the most loyal of staffers, even after they leave office. They owe their fame and upward mobility to the presidents who appointed them, so they tend to remain supportive of their bosses no matter what. Not so with Scott McClellan. His new book, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception, is a broadside not only against the policies of the administration he once spoke for but also against President George W. Bush himself. In two decades of covering the presidency, I've never seen a former press secretary turn against his patrons so dramatically and so thoroughly. At a Smithsonian seminar, four past press secretaries—Tony Snow, Joe Lockhart, Marlin Fitzwater, and Jody Powell—said they believed that once you are part of a White House "family," you should always stay true to it.
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