Epileptic teen latest tazering victim

Image of Taser use lingers
By Donna Fielder - Denton Record Chronicle
May 18, 2008

Blake Dwyer remembers pain:

The agonizing burn of electrical shock.

And shouting.

And fear.

“I thought a swarm of wasps was after me,” the 17-year-old Guyer High School athlete said. “I was trying to fight them off.”

He doesn’t remember the epileptic seizure he suffered July 18, 2007, when he was 16.

He doesn’t remember fighting to keep from being tied to a stretcher or hitting a paramedic.

His brother, Travis Baker, 17, remembers all of it. He recalls screaming at Corinth police to stop shocking Blake with a Taser. His mother, Deana, remembers hearing Travis crying on the telephone.

“He was saying, ‘Blake is having a seizure, and they’re hurting him,’” she said.

And in case they should forget Blake’s experience, they have photographs of 12 separate sets of burns from the double posts of a Taser.

Corinth police did not respond to a message asking for comment about the incident. Corinth city attorney Michael Bucek won’t release records because the city expects litigation, he said. He did say there was no internal affairs investigation into the incident.
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