CND Bushites defend PTSD treatment

Dear Canadian Bushite enablers: This is why you don't go on half-cocked missions overseas (1) when the rationale has not been adequately vetted (2) and you're working to fulfill the goals of proven war-criminals (3). - Dan F.
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Veterans Affairs opens operational stress injury clinic in Fredericton
Kevin Bissett - The Canadian Press
May 24th, 2008

FREDERICTON - A new stress injury clinic for current and former soldiers opened in New Brunswick on Friday, and a veteran who battled his own post-tour demons says there's been a dramatic change in attitude within the Armed Forces about mental health issues.
A pair of Fredericton psychologists say services for soldiers from CFB Gagetown who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are in disarray, and conducted by unqualified staff.

Joyce Belliveau and Robin Geneau testified before a Commons standing committee on National Defence earlier this month in Ottawa.

They want an audit of patient files at the base's mental health clinic to determine if soldiers are getting the help they need, especially those who have returned from Afghanistan.

"At Gagetown they've gone backwards," Belliveau said in an interview with The Canadian Press. "Some of these men and women are waiting 18 months before they're even going to be assessed."

The committee heard that the working relationship between the base and private psychologists has deteriorated over the last three years.

"A lot of the staff on the base are not trained sufficiently," Belliveau said.

Col. Ken Chadder, commander of CFB Gagetown, was quick to defend services and said the priority of the base is the soldiers and their families.
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