Wannabe Cops coming to Fredericton

On the one hand, I'm a big fan of citizen-community involvement, on the other - what happened so that the real cops aren't doing their jobs? Too many B$ Wars on X, in my estimation. You pay property and income tax precisely so you don't have to run around at night in a flamingly gay uniform, busting purse snatchers. - Dan F.
Guardian Angels look to Fredericton
Monday, April 28, 2008 - The Canadian Press

The Guardian Angels are looking at Fredericton as their next location to set up a citizens' patrol group.

The sometimes controversial group, which will graduate its first class of about a dozen volunteers from a three-month boot camp in Halifax next month, is turning an eye to the New Brunswick capital.

The Guardian Angels, whose members are identified by their red berets, was first started in New York in 1979. There are now chapters around the world.

Supporters say the unarmed volunteers deter crime as they patrol streets, while some detractors consider the Angels a vigilante group.

Unlike other volunteer patrol groups, the Guardian Angels will sometimes use physical force and make citizen's arrests.
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