Corporations get ready to plunder
Fredericton Market

So, I was following along with the whole Fredericton Market newsflash (1). I thought the old Major of Fredericton coming out and saying the damn company doesn't own it to sell it (2), and I was like - oh cool, yeah - the people finally win one.

Now the biggest corporate joke of a newspaper comes out like it's a done deal - and that the farmers can't afford what the PPPirates are asking (3), and the lackeys who're in bed with these corporofascists all the way are holding some 'hearings' (4).

Now I have to really question the democracy we're supposedly living in if we allow this to happen in our Fair city. If this doesn't get the people riled up, I don't know what will - are we doomed to be fully manipulable debt-slaves forever?

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