Canadian 'leaders' squable over B$

These turkeys can't even get past their own corruption, let alone tackle the global fraud that Canadians are asked to pay and die for every single day. Both sides are corrupt, and maybe if they're busy fighting each other, they'll do a little less harm to the Canadian people, resources and national sovereignty.

Who cares about clowns and their party tricks? - Dan F.

In and Out in (about) 1,000 words
Kady O'Malley - - Apr 28, 2008

What, exactly, are the Conservatives accused of?
The commissioner of elections, William Corbett, is currently investigating the possibility that the party exceeded the spending cap on advertising by more than a million dollars during the last election by transferring money to the campaigns of individual candidates, where it would go on the books as an advertising expense for the local campaign. The local officials would then return the money to the party. Once the election was over, each of the local campaigns would be able to apply for a partial reimbursement from Elections Canada, which refunds up to 60 per cent of campaign advertising expenses. When those candidates applied for rebates from Elections Canada, the agency looked into exactly what kind of advertising was bought with the money. Elections Canada ruled that the advertising had actually been paid for by the national campaign; despite the fact that the money had ostensibly been spent by the local campaign, it hadn't, in fact, incurred any real expense - and was, therefore, ineligible for the rebate.
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