Canadian Federal Opposition Grows a pair?

Hmm... If the federal Libs care so much about refugees, why don't they take some action on ending Canadian complicity in the fraudulent US generated Wars on Terror? Like prior US activities (1), the current wars are creating millions of refugees (2) senselessly; victims the aggressor refuses to help (3).

Casting the children of men we've killed into the ghettos of a terror-sponsoring nation (4)... Really makes one wonder what sort of strategic terrorism reductions our 'leaders' could possibly be talking about.

I suspect they don't know either...

Immigration: Conservatives Want to Replace Canada’s Open Arms with Closed Doors
April 9, 2008 -
Prime Minister Stephen Harper must admit that the Conservatives’ radical changes to Canada’s immigration system have little to do with ending the backlog, and a lot with limiting the number of immigrants that can come to this country, the Liberal Opposition said today.

“For half a century, Canada has pursued immigration goals based on fairness and objectivity,” said Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion. “Why is the Prime Minister trying to get rid of these principles of fairness and objectivity?

“Why does he want to replace open arms with closed doors?”

Mr. Dion was referring to the proposed legislative changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in the Budget Implementation Act tabled by the Conservative government on March 21.

If implemented, these changes would not only give the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration unilateral authority to determine priorities for the processing of immigration and application requests, but could also potentially reduce the number of new immigration applications accepted each year.

“Will the Prime Minister admit that his changes will do nothing to end the backlog, will only discourage potential immigrants from applying, and will slow down the reunification of families which is so important for the integration of newcomers in Canada?” asked Mr. Dion.

Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff pointed out that under the Conservative government the immigration backlog has grown, with thousands of refugees left waiting.

“Under the previous Liberal government the queue for refugee claimants had been effectively reduced to zero,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “Under this Conservative government, the backlog has ballooned to nearly 60,000, and it is set to head to 100,000 by 2012. The chairman of the Immigration and Refugee Board says it's the largest backlog in its history.

“This begs a simple question: What does the government have against refugees?”

The Liberal Opposition believes the radical immigration reforms proposed by the Conservative government should be removed from the Budget Bill and be debated in Parliament.
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