911 guantanamo inquisito resigns

Head of Guantanamo trials resigns
By Steven Edwards, Canwest News Service
Published: Monday, February 25, 2008

NEW YORK - The Pentagon official overseeing the planned military trials of Canadian Omar Khadr and other terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba resigned Monday - just days after a published report alleged he'd insisted there be no acquittals.

As General Counsel at the U.S. defence department, William J. Haynes was a leading architect of the military commission system U.S. President George. W. Bush ordered established in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

But his alleged backroom insistence the commission produce only convictions provoked a rush of commentary - much of charging it proved the trials will be a sham.
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Given that he's just made his debut feature about the mysteries, speculations, half-truths and flights of fancy that comprise the 9/11 Truth Movement, I guess it makes sense that filmmaker Paul Krik is accustomed to finding conspiracy wherever he goes. He's travelled from Brooklyn to Rotterdam to premiere Able Danger, but when I ask him to shoot me an email about why he chose to make a movie about 9/11 conspiracy theorists, he responds by noting some suspicious activities having to do with Dutch bicycle renting:

"Indruk de en Brooklyn fietser in Rotterdam"

True Conspiracy #1;

It is illegal to buy Gazelles in the United States.

The bike rental joint tucked in behind Engels is open 'til 1am doesn't rent Gazelles, only Daaddfd -- still a fun bike -- but I might go back on Saturday and order a Gazelle off the internet and have the bike store ship it to me since, let me say it again to make the point: it's illegal to buy Gazelles in America. It's a conspiracy. Who is involved? Why is the Netherlands so superior to America in bike path city planning? Indruk; same people behind Able Danger, behind 9/11 are to blame -- to put it one way, the fossile fuel military industrial lobbyists.

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