What is Al-qaida and how did they do 911?

It seems they are a US backed organization, how did this come about and what are the ongoing ties?
Why were they able to know the US had sent all their fighter jets to Canada and turned off protection around Washington?
How did their figure head escape from Afghanistan, and why didn`t our Pakistani allies immediately find him and send him out?

As a Canadian and a world citizen, I find these are some of the most important questions on which the official American story refuses to comment.

Throw in the Bush family supported Nazi Reichstag incident, how can one be anything but a conspiracy theorist - the official story is a lie.

Until the cocaine-running, skull and bones stealing, child-molesting bunch of corrupt American officials are fully revealed, we must fight against implementation of their shady policies.

Ramp it up in the New Year - voice your questions about these issues (i.e. why did WTC 7 fall down?) the 11th of each month until we get some answers.

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