Canadian Conspiracies part 1 - Gander

The deadliest airliner crash in Canadian history - wings too icy or explosives onboard?
by Dan F. - Jan 2nd, 2008

The first in a series investigations into outstanding Canadian conspiracies refers to Gander Arrow Air Flight 1285, which crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 248 US service members, including 236 members of the 101st air assault unit. It is clearly evident that this crash remains mired in controversy (4 of 9 members of the Canadian Aviation Safety Board released a dissenting view stating the following:

`In our judgement, the wings of the Arrow Air DC-8 were not contaminated by ice - certainly not enough for ice contamination to be a factor in this accident. The aircraft's trajectory and performance differed markedly from that which could plausibly result from ice contamination. The aircraft did not stall. Accordingly, we cannot agree - indeed, we categorically disagree - with the majority findings.

The available evidence convincingly shows that the right outboard engine was producing little power before it contacted trees. The investigation of the other engines was inconclusive with regard to pre-impact status. We believe it possible that these engines were also operating at reduced power. All four thrust reversers may have been deployed.

The evidence shows that the Arrow Air DC-8 suffered an on-board fire and a massive loss of power before it crashed. But, we could not establish a direct link between the fire and the loss of power. The line may have been associated with an in-flight detonation from an explosive or incendiary device. Consequential damage to various systems precipitated the crash.

In 1989, during the waining years of the (still incredibly obscure) cold war, when tales of US backed Islamic Jihad movements were being swept under the carpet, a lone voice stood out in the US house of representatives:

`The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the gentleman from South Carolina [Mr. Tallon] is recognized for 5 minutes.

Mr. TALLON. Mr. Speaker, I am coming before my colleagues today to bring to their attention a serious matter that has been ignored by our government for the past four years.

I am talking about the tragic plane crash that killed 248 American Soldiers and 8 others at Gander, Newfoundland, in December 1985. We all remember that crash because it was the worst military crash in American peacetime history. Canadians remember the crash because it was the worst air disaster in their history.

The official version of the crash states wing icing, mechanical failures, and human error as the causes of the crash. The Canadian and United States Governments continue to uphold this theory despite contradictory evidence indicating that it could have been the result of a terrorist act.
` (source)

That the terrorists who claimed responsibility are unknown - and attributed to some phantom telephone terrorist organization makes this story ripe for conspiracy theorists. The whole affair ranks pretty high on my list of questions about what the Canadian government is really up to. If nothing else, their inept handling of the crash virtually guaranteed speculative conspiracy theory.

Like other coverups, this just reminds us that there are lies we`re being asked to accept, not only during the Iran-Contra years, but ongoing deceptions regarding our foreign policy and the history of world conflict. When will these lies come to light?

For more information on the history of this conspiracy, read
Gander Crash In 1985 Remains A Huge Cover-Up by Greg Szymanski. If you`d like to check out the official story, be my guest.

These questions and more will be examined in coming installments of QSLS Politics Canadian Conspiracies.

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