Sibel Edmonds: Everybody Knows

Every once in awhile, I get this certain feeling that everything we've heard / seen so far vis-a-vis 911 / Iraq is about to get blown out of the water. The guy who released the pentagon papers says "what she has is far more explosive than the pentagon papers". Then I start to think that the story might really be as bad as some people have been saying, and about to become mainline news.

Then, I come back to reality, and there's a flurry of coverage on some celebrity fucking themselves up and nothing about what really matter. I just did a search on google news for "Sibel Edmonds" and only came up with 8 hits - this is a woman who has been trying to tell her story despite being legally gagged (and never refuted by) the authorities, and our news media refuse to listen!

Mainline global news coverage of Iraq is like the Gleaner's position on an Irving gas leak.

Maybe that's just how it goes I guess, but I'll be damned if I didn't wish it weren't some other way.

Dan F.

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