No conspiracy theory needed.

Will Bush III succeed where his Grandfather (Nazi banker) and Father (JFK killer/NWO butcher) both failed?

The problem with conspiracy theories is that your average dude on the street cannot handle such a big Paranoid-shift in his outlook. If JFK was killed, and they've done what they appear to have done since WWII (Horribly corrupt wars in south-east asia, installation of dozens of cruel dictators, simultaneous prosecution and distribution of chemical drugs, replaced black slavery in America with slavery everywhere) you'd think the good guys hadn't won any of the wars of the past century.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might come up with a great idea that maybe Hitler didn't die - perhaps his brain is still living and hooked up to a supercomputer directing president and controlling the CIA. Now, this theory matches the evidence, but there's no solid way to find out. That's the problem with how most conspiracy theories are presented.

When Naomi Klein came to Nijmegen a month or so ago, I brought up 911 after she seemed to be maligning 911 truthers. I had seen her hedge around the question before, but she told one participant she was dubious of the ties to the US administration.

I said I couldn't understand how someone could watch the video of tower 7 fall and question the fact of an inside job. Although she admitted to having questions, I got the sense she sees it more as a distraction - that Loose change and the like are taking away from the real discussion. Noam Chomsky has made more forceful comments recently, saying "who cares?" about 911 and JFK.

Both answers bothered me quite a bit, initially. If the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were based on a false premise, how could this not matter?

While I disagree with their mainstream conclusions, I've come to agree that once you're sure enough that 911 was an inside job, it doesn't really matter - the overt and official story is just as bad whether the CIA sent the planes in or not. Sure, it would be great to prove conclusively that the head Templar of the Bilderbergs personally remote-piloted planes into the towers.

However, in retrospect - it isn't really possible to prove or prosecute the entire list of actors. Therefore, shouldn't we focus on rejecting the overall agenda? Haven't enough people woken up to the horror of the ongoing war for oil/control that the casus belli should take on a back-stage role?

I'm not sure - if we could prove 911 - it would certainly shake things up a bit - but to remain fixated on one issue while democracy burns seems counterproductive. Proving that our "Leaders" are willing to do anything to get what they want is simple enough with the overt facts - they're torturing, pushing drugs, bombing children, stealing oil - all in the open.

The official story on much of what is being done in the War on Terror (along with capitalism, our legal system, state control in general) crumbles when you really examine it. Solving the mysteries of 911 addresses only a small portion of the web of deception.

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1 comment:

Leisure Society said...

I have often thought about that as well Danny.

The problem with dismissing 911 is that once you find out the truth, your whole parigm is changed. It goes against everything we have been told all along. I still strongly believe that it is the only smoking gun that will wake up the masses.

Activisism only works to a certain degree, at some point revolution must take over when activism just insin't working anymore.

People have their suspicions that the war is unjust but there is no real proof. It also takes one hell of an intellect to just look at the system and understand that it is corrupt.

If Ron Paul get's elected, the revolution could begin! That is what I am hopeful for!